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Are you a "domestic" type of woman?

I am not. I can cook, but rarely do. I like to iron, but rarely do. I HATE dishes and wearing red lipstick. Dresses make me uncomfortable, but I will vacuum in stilettos.

Poll: Dishes or death?

I prefer death.


I almost committed suicide when I found out my new house didn't have a dishwasher. I finally got one though. Her name is Courtney.

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    I'm 49 and trained. I don't mind housework at all, I'm programed to do it unfortunely.

  • Leann
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    Men marry women that have good mothering skills, not women who are wild sex fiends. It is likely that you have been focusing on the wrong aspects in your past relationships. Yes men enjoy sex, but they enjoy a home cooked meal too. If you try to focus on keeping their sexual needs met, but are lacking in the "wife" like characteristics (cooking etc) men are going to see you for just what you portray yourself to be. So if you are wild in the bedroom and satisfy all their sexual needs they will likely see you for a sex object or toy (aka the other woman). You have to maintain a balance of both characteristics - be "wife" like sometimes then throw that sex goddess attitude in there sometimes too. Since you say you are a virgin it could be a whole other problem than explained above. You could be flirting too much or giving off the wrong idea. Instead of trying to charm a guy with your looks - try to charm him with your ability to cook or your intelligence. If you act ditzy or naive and try to use your looks to get a guy he is going to think you aren't serious in life, hence thinking you are "the other woman" type. He'll likely see you as someone he could have fun with, but won't see you as being responsible enough or serious enough to want to marry or carry on a long term serious relationship with. Hope this helps :)

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    I am. Im a "nester". Im girly about some things and tomboyish about others. I like red lipstick, but rarely take the time to put it on. I dont wear heels of any kind, but own some. Next time I vacume, I will try wearing them, I like the visual.

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    I kinda like that stuff but only when I'm in the mood. My mood may strike at 2AM or it may not strike for months on end. I prefer baking to cooking and now that the kids are older - we mostly eat cakes that I bake whilst wearing my apron and stilettos at 2AM. I'm a weirdo like that. ♥ Oh- I only vacuum because I have ocd and need the lines to all be the same. ♥

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    HA HA i actually warned my s/o before we moved in together that i was not domestic.

    i cook almost every day, i clean (but it's what i call surface cleaning) i hate all housework and only wear dresses to weddings or christmas parties.

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    I'm very domestic, but hate every minute it....death to dishes

  • Anonymous
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    I do it all baby...I don't always like it, but I do..quite the catch I am...oh yeah

    I hate dishes, but that's why God invented the dishwasher..

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    death over dishes anyday. I hate housework, but it has to be done. it won't pick up itself and no one else will do it, so that leaves me.

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    some may say...Wandering is full of chit....but I am very domestic.

    I enjoy cleaning, sewing, gardening, cooking...(only when it is to please though, I don't cook for me...ugh) and I love being around kids and doing 'kid stuff'

    all that and a who*re too (in the bedroom people!) why am I still single?! HA

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    i'm the same way...i like doin all that stuff sometimes, but most of the time i just look at the dirty kitchen and the dog hair on the rug and just say "phuck this"

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