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What do double sided hamster cages look like?

I found out one of my hamsters is a syrian hamster (but he is not fighting yet because he is still a baby) and i'm gonna try to put them into a double-barred or double-sided cage so they can still smell each other and all that but i want to make sure there is a wall between them so it wont be as bad so please give me a source to see what they are like!

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    I would not reccomend this as it would still be very stressful on the syrian.

    He will hate the thought of the other hamster being so near and will be on edge and unhappy, this will lower his lifespan and quality of life.

    For his sake just get two seperate cages and put them in two different rooms.

    The only person that will benefit from a double cage is you, the hamsters will not appreciate it at all and will just suffer.

    Source(s): Syrian hamster breeder and expert
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  • Robin
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    Hamsters are solitary creatures and if kept together then often fight. You said that one of them is a baby, so I'm assuming the other one is not. Hamsters are notorious for cannibalizing each other, so I certainly wouldn't recommend allowing them to get at each other as it would very likely cause injury. Even through bars they can easily bite and hurt each other. If you want them to meet to see if they would be okay, do it on a neutral surface away from their living areas so they won't feel territorial.

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  • Anonymous
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    there is two cages that are connected by a tube heres a cool hamster cage so that you save money and recycelhttp://blog.makezine.com/hamster_shredder.jpg

    that is the website hope this helps

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