Veggie Garden or Flower garden?

I'm a beginner gardener and in my backyard I have a boxed in area thats roughly 8x3. Gets all sunlight throughout the summer. there are no other flowers in my backyard so I'm not sure what will work well there, flower? Vegetables? which is the easiest to maintain that can handle that amount of sunlight as well as unpredicted weather as I live in Southeast, MI? Something easy to maintain that can handle my black thumb :)

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    Start with some annual flowers such as petunia or zinnia. Add a few tomatoes when you get more ambitious.

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    You might want to start with some basic vegetables like carrots or beans or peas -- tomatoes can be frustrating for beginners, so maybe wait until you have some more gardening experience under your belt -- along with a few herbs for cooking, like parsley (flat-leaf has a better flavor) and chives. My mother always swore that planting a row of marigolds along the outside of the garden helped keep bugs away. I'm not sure if it worked all that well, but one does not argue with one's mother's garden. *g*

    After you've tried that for a year, you'll have a better idea of what works in your soil and level of sun and what doesn't.

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    Oh I would do alittle of both! Try some tomato plants and strawberries mix in some marigolds{keeps bugs off} and some Daisy's sow some leaf luttece around the edges and there you go,gardening 101.It takes trial and error for all soil and growing conditions are never the same even on the same city block but by all means try it and see what you may grow.Enjoy your garden no matter what you plant and most Herbs will grow on their own so go for it!

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    go for the veggie garden, dont get me wrong i'm a great flower fan , but for something easy go for the veggie u'll get ur harvest and will enjoy it more than when u buy it from the market, and to make it look good u can arrange the veggies according to the colors...

    these sites will help you:

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    Am not familiar with your area So I would suggest going to the nursery for an hour or so and have fun learning.

    Fer it me, I would have a vegi garden and a flower garden.

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    i would do a nice flower garden and in the summer you can look and enjoy your handy work,you can still grow veg in compost bags you no tomatoes lettuce radish even new spuds chives in a plant pot there is endless you can do even with a small garden

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    grow some herbs such as mint or thyme

    veggies do good, you just gotta keep them watered well

    I live in Michigan (Greenville) and I grow lots and lots of things

    my favorite is my snap peas and cherry tomatoes

    morning glories make a wonderful show (they are vines and grow fast)

    do you want annuals (plant every year) or perennials which come back??

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