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What are the signs of impending labour?

I'm 36.2 weeks pregnant and suffering! The head has been engaged for over a week and this weekend my nose starting running and morning sickness has returned! Are any of these signs? I haven't had a show or anything of that nature I just wondered whether these could be symptoms off a soon to be labour! Gosh, hope so!

Serious answers only please.

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    That really doesn't sound like impending labor, sounds like you're coming down with a cold or something. And all pregnant women are generally rather miserable the last few weeks.

    Drink plenty of fluids and rest rest rest. If labor is near, you'll probably feel more crampy or have more Braxton Hicks than usual. You might experience diarrhea but that's a vague symptom that could also be virus related. Honestly every woman's experience is different and will feel different. There may be no signs at all, contractions just might start coming or your water could break with no warning.

    Hang in there, and call your doc about the not feeling well if you're worried.

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    You seem very worried and in that case, it would be best to see your doctor. But, you might also simply have a cold! :)

    But, as you have not seen any signs of bleeding, I guess you can be a bit relieved. Some women experience that their babies were engaged from even earlier than 36 wks. He/she is getting ready.

    But important signs are things like: -

    Bleeding, which might mean that your cervix has opened; your water might break meaning that the sac carrying your baby has begun to leak. Sure signs though, are consistent and strengthening contractions which might feel like you are going through your monthly period. So if you sense this, you can also time them to see how far apart they are.

    But, please, let your doctor know what is happening if your are unclear.

    I hope this helps!

    God bless!

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    I have to agree with zeldaR with the weather changing from hot to cold you probably have a little cold not so much labour It wont be much longer before bubs is here and you are in the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and getting anxious will only make time drag get as much rest as possible

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    I never had that, infact baby's head never did engage untill start of labour, but a couple of days before i 'popped' i could not get down on the toiled(i had to stand to do my buisness....nightmare and embarrising)A lso i just had this feeling i was going to go in to labour that night and i did.

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    im afraid it sounds like you have caught a bug! Signs of labour can include a show, back pain, contractions.

    Some women start getting sickness and diarrhoea before labour but its not a sure sign.

    Plus at 36 weeks your still a little early for getting this baby out?!

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    dont will happen when it happens. They could be signs cause everyone is different but i had absolutely none. The only thing i remember after labor was telling my husband the day before labor started was that i felt hurting or anything weird. It was just a calmness came over me...just different.

  • sorry but no your close to being in labour, besides bubs still needs that bit of extra time in there, the lungs dont fully develop until 38 weeks, so hang in there, its pretty common to feel sick towards the end.

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    sorry i dont think so, maybe your coming down with something my babys head was engaged for 5 wks before she made an appearance hang in there not much longer

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    just reach up their and pull the little booger out.

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