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Does Alitalia air crafts have microwave oven on board? Do you think they would warm over my little baby food?

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    I'm a former Flight Attendant and I fly now a lot with my own three kids.

    There are no microwaves on airplanes for safety reasons. They are usually "convection" ovens, which use blasted heat from fans to cook the food more quickly. Any container that goes in these ovens has to be sealed or it'll dry out (or worse!)

    They will warm your baby food but if it's in a jar or plastic container, it can't go in the oven. You can bring you baby food in a jar and also a small aluminium container, with lid, to use on board. A small oven-proof bowl covered in aluminium would also work.

    Try to bring something kind of flat. They fit better into the oven and they also cook faster and more evenly.

    Sometimes we put baby food in the bread warmers. This took more time.

    Best discuss this with the F/A's before you really need to feed your baby. Ask to speak to the F/A in charge of the galley and let him or her know what you need.

    Your other option is to simply run the food jar under hot water. I used to do that and it worked out great. I didn't need to involve the crew and although it wasn't piping hot, my babies didn't mind!

    Remember that the ovens are not always available. When we were cooking the meals, we were lucky to have even a tiny amount of space. Also, some aircraft actually cook the meals inside the carts and there aren't any ovens in Economy class.

    I used disposable bibs and spoons. I also sometimes had a waterproof bib which rinsed out nicely and dried quickly and that worked too.

    For more information on general about flying, I have a totally non-commercial article. Feel free to visit;


    Have a good flight!

    Source(s): ex-Flight Attendant, 13 years, 2 companies three children now 8, 6 & 4, flying between Europe and California about twice a year since each was 4 months old, plus other flights...
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    Yes, they would happily, do both for you.

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