Can people die from a broken heart?

Can you die from a broken heart? Explain why or why not. Can someone loose someone, get so depressed, and just..... die... without committing suicide. I've heard of it happening. Thank you. :D

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    YES. It's called Broken Heart Syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy. It triggers heart failure. The sheer amount of stress love related depression puts on the heart can actually mimick a heart-attack. People have died of broken hearts.

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    I know this isn't the same thing, but I met an elderly man the other day when I was walking my mischievous, adorable little bundle of fluff (Lily)... this man came out the pub and made a fuss of her. He told me that he'd always had dogs.... one of them had died. He'd become so depressed, he wasn't able to eat, he wasn't drinking fluids, became dehydrated and ended up in hospital in a medical bed... that was all from grieving and mourning.

    I have also heard about people who "give up on life" when one of them dies. Two elderly people who have spent year together... one gets ill and dies, often the other one loses the will to live and they "naturally" deteriorate for no apparent, obvious medical reason and die very soon afterwards.

    I think there IS a lot to be said about your mental state. Mind over matter. If you are mourning, and sad you can lose the will to live. That is bound to have a knock on effect, involving hormones and chemical changes, which will undeniably have an effect of organs.

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    Aaawww Hun, I think it is possible. Your Great Grandmother probably has lost her "will" to live because she has lost her husband. She may think that there is no point now because he was her life. Sometimes people just kind of give up, let go and see what happens. My partners Nan had a few little strokes and recovered ok, but then had a big one. Ended up in hospital not being able to eat, talk or even go to the loo herself. Nan could still understand everything but hated what was going on with her body. She just kind of went away (her mind) and died a few weeks later, I do believe she had given up because of her circumstances. I do hope you are alright Nat, try to talk to someone, it does help. Doesn't make the feelings go away, but makes them a bit easier to deal and cope with. Your Great Grandmother might find her will to live again, but she may not. 64 years is a long time, and if she keeps living a year without him will probably seem a whole lot longer because she has lost him XXX take care Nat.

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    NO. I don't think you can ACTUALLY die of a broken heart. I had read a report somewhere that we can. But my personal experience indicates otherwise. Maybe my heart was physically much stronger but the grief was excruciating. Every single night, for full one year, I cried my heart out, my face lost all its glow, had dark circles around my eyes, but still I didn't die, however much I willed myself to. Miraculously, one night I felt peaceful as if patted by some unknown force to sleep, like cold water sprinkled on smouldering embers.

    Like you I had believed too, and had waited for death every night to be with the one who left for the other world. It just didn't happen.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that it has happened dying from a broken heart . I met a Lady whose husband passed away and lost her will to live her life without her husband and wanted to join him in heaven . Broken heart is a horrible pain .

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    yes. one can die from a broken heart.Entertaining it, sadness comes. It produces bad chemical reaction in the body, cramps blood in chest, so stroke happens. So, if you lose someone , cry over it and understand that the living still need you. If you loose someones fault, you are relieved. So God is concern more on your positive feelings of love, hope, giving, creating, faith as against hatred, fear, despair. hence his teachings. God knows negative chemical reaction is bad to the body.

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    Yes and they have.

    Men and women who have lost the loves they stood with all their lives are then lost themselves, that is when they give up the want, and will to live and quickly die of a heartbreak. I've seen it happen twice and I've known it to happen from many stories of acquaintances and friends.

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    Comedy actor Lou Costello died in 1959. He was very happily married. His wife died less than a year later of an apparent broken heart.

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    There are so many, many reports of elderly couples following each other in death by mere days, weeks or months. Spiritually, I believe that the spouse left behind has his or her heart broken by their loss and wishes to be with their beloved, thus hastening death.

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    5 years ago

    Everyone is referring to partners and relationships, What about?? being so weighed down with stress, financial burdens, worry and hurt for what loved ones are going through, Childhood molestation, Domestic violence, abortion guilt, I can say more but i think i make my point, Im talking when your heart feels so heavy

    death is a daily thought...please coment.

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