itunes store 怎買日本歌曲

想在itunes store 買日本歌曲,用了台灣富邦的信用卡買卻出現卡號的相關問題(自己有翻譯那段英文大概是此卡號在日本是不合法的)





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    More and more people are realizing how convenient it is to buy music from iTunes. And perhaps you’ve even noticed that there is a Japanese iTunes store too, full of interesting things you’ve never seen or heard. However, the joy of that discovery is quickly spoiled when you realize that there is no way for you to actually buy anything from the store unless you have a credit card with a Japanese billing address. Here you are, trying to do the right thing and actually pay for the J-POP you want to listen to, only to figure out that they won’t let you. Silly Japanese record industry…

    But don’t despair, there is actually a way for you buy that new Utada Hikaru single you’ve had your eyes on. Throughout Japan, you can buy prepaid cards for iTunes that will let you shop away without having a credit card at all. If you could only get your hands on one…

    This is where our friends over at J-List come in, they offer a service where you can buy such prepaid cards in the various denominations available. The nice part is that they will get the card for you, scratch it to reveal the code, scan it and email it to you directly if you so desire. This means you can be up and running buying music really quickly.

    日本 itunes store 只接受日本的信用卡, 您可以先買JBox音樂預付卡後再上線消費.

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    點入網頁後就有購物車, 下面就有八點說明詳細的流程

    付款購買音樂預付卡, 卡號就可以在itunes store取代日本信用卡刷卡

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