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[ 超急 ]徵求英文高手幫忙打篇文章


noisy roommate

make cleaning schedule

roommate is messy

argue about how to decorate room

fighting causes stress

set aside quiet time for studying

each person decorates half of the room

talk each week about concerns

他分別是problems 跟 solutions

請高手幫忙 謝謝


題目是 getting along with a roommate

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Some of the worst things you would encounter when sharing an apartment are noisy roommates and messy roommates. Since fighting causes stress, it is better to solve the problems peacefully and wisely. If you have a noisy roommate, you can set aside quiet time for studying so your roommate can enjoy his or her noisy time and you can have your quiet time. If your roommate is messy, it is advisable to make cleaning schedule together so there will be rules to follow. If you and your roommate argue about how to decorate room, the best solution is that each person decorates half of the room. In case of other issues, it is also good to talk each week about concerns.

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