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financial management

a. Access the AFL-CIO's Executive PayWatch website (found at Looking at the list of the past year's most highly paid CEOs, which companies (and CEOs) do you recognize?

b. According to the article about Trends in CEO Pay, how does executive pay in the most recent year compare to the previous year, and to non supervisory workers?

c. Have any trends emerged relating CEO pay and average worker pay?

d. According to the article, what is wrong with CEOs taking such a large share of wealth?

e. How has the composition of executive pay changed recently? Have these changes been for the best?

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    a.進入AFL-CIO's Executive PayWatch的網頁.(看...





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    是要問題英翻中呢? 還是用英文回答你的問題...


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    是的 ,看不懂的字就自己用字典查 這樣才會有進步 .

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