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Sometimes will hear the person speaking: The crisis is a turning point.

When the person meets bottleneck get difficulty and frustrate. Thinking and mindset usually influence a person's development. Let to examine the factor of the failure or frustrate, become a growth motive. Compare to stay around to complain and can't come in forward well. Although “looking on the bright side” more often, your problems may not all go away. But will produce advanced motive after correct thinking. Will help oneself to work out the problem. Let oneself correction mistake and dynasty the correct square make headway. Recently political of the dynasty inside, and business situation. Or war and great man record to win. "Looking on the bright side" helped them to head into success. Help them to practice ideal and head into a target. The living environment in nowadays changes very fast. It's more than past to influence a living factor. Want to let oneself try much " looking on the bright side ". Could wave a farewell failure and frustrate. Will make the life been more substantial, compare hope and target.

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    Sometimes we will hear others say: a crisis is a turning point. When facing bottleneck、blockage or frustration, these will affect our consideration and mind, even development.

    It's better to transform an effective growing power than complaint. Even though the current problems won't disappear immediately, with the energy after thinking, we can help us to solve problems and rectify mistakes, go forward with the right direction.

    We can see many successful person uses positive consideration helping themselves to achieve their idealities and goals no matter in modern politics、business、contemporary wars or records of great person.

    In modern society, the environment changes quickly, bringing much more influences of life than past. We have to use positive thinking, cross off failure and frustration, then we will lead a more abundant life of hope and goal.

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