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    Distinguished honorable guests,

    The BMW car show will be held on the 10th May, 2008. We would sincerely invite you to join us on this important occasion, where presentation of the new models will be introduced by our professional team. We understand the valuable of your time and we look forward to having your presence. You may enjoy the new car models with light music and tea served. To thank your presence, there will be a small gift.

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  • 1 decade ago

    親愛的貴賓:Dear honored guest:

    您好,本公司將於2008年5月10日舉辦BMW新車發表會 How are you, our company will hold the BMW new car presentation on May 10,2008

    希望您在閒暇之餘能夠前來參加。我們將為準備點心供您享用,搭配著優雅的音樂,欣賞我們這一次的新車發表會,並且有專業人員為您詳細的介紹我們這次的得意之作。我們期待您的前來,也將會為您準備乙份精美小禮物。 Hope you can come to attend in spare time. We will in order to prepare the dessert is provided for you to enjoy use of, match elegant music, appreciate we this time new car presentation, and have the professional personnel as you to introduce us this in detail of satisfied make. We expect you to come, will also prepare B an elegant and small gift for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    是 滴 ~

    小 妹 偶 來 惹 !

    這 是 小 妹 偶 的 解 答 辣 ~

    希 望 有 幫 到 你 唷 ~

    線 上 翻 譯 嘟..........

    Dear distinguished guests:

    Hello, this company will conduct B M to May

    10, 2008 the W new vehicle publication to be able to hope you will

    come Yu of Neng? in the leisure to participate. We for will prepare

    the dessert to enjoy for you, will match the graceful music, will

    appreciate we this new vehicle publication meeting, and will in detail

    have the specialist in detail to introduce we this self-satisfied work

    for you. We anticipate your coming, also will be able to prepare the

    second grade share fine small gift for you.

    希 望 有 幫 到 你 捏 ~

    Source(s): 奇 摩 字 典
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