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iraq iran syria and Saudi Arabia ? whats so special about those countries that US wants to attack them?

my uncle read a book 30 years ago said that US will invade iraq iran then syria then half of saudi arabia .. so things werent just made in 2001.. i am wondering did they plan it this way ? and why ? did they set up president of iran to have nukes to attack him ? why didnt they invade saddam when he first did his crimes? why syria? whats going on with this evil goverment? is it religous wars? or economics?power?money?

sick in the head people? what is going on ?. dont take a step back tell me coz of saddam, iran president wants nukes n syria is spportin terrorisim all that zionist media crap



notice, i said 30 years ago.. 30 years ago how did america know those countries will attack them ?

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    Since you have "demonded" the truth, I'll give it to you- though chances are you won't like it much.

    Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia have never attacked the U.S. While these countries are all so-called "rogue states", in reality they are simply countries which are not controlled by the West, or subject to Western culture. As a result, the West looks upon these countries as backwards and these countries look upon the West as imperialistic and colonial.

    When it comes to Syria, nearly every one of your questions "is it religous wars? or economics?..." is flawed. The Syrian government is secular- not Islamic, as is commonly, but incorrectly, believed. Syria has little oil and a simple economy based on crops, livestock, and building materials. While Syria does sponser millitant Palestinian groups and Hezbollah, in Arabs eyes (both Muslim and Christian), these groups are not terrorists but freedom fighters.

    When it comes to Iran, there was no conspiracy. The Iranian people simply felt that it was their right to have nuclear energy- regardless of what Western countries said. In addition, there has been no conclusive evidence that Iran has nuclear weapons or even nuclear weapon making facilities. Even if it did, Iranians feel that it is their right to own such weapons- that if the U.S., Russia, England, and China control such weapons, Iran should as well.

    In short, the only thing the U.S. could gain by invading any of these countries would be:

    1. Nothing- by invading Syria

    2. Oil- by invading Saudi Arabia

    3. Oil- by invading Iran

    - POSSIBLY some secuirity for Israel, which is, in all truth, the U.S's pawn.

    Source(s): 17 years of living in the Middle East
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    Jeezus, man. You should put the cart AFTER the horse with your question and ask what the hell is so special about the United States that Iran, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia would want to attack US. Then, and only then, will your question be answered.

    (For those of you in Rio Linda, the literal answer to the question as to why we'd want to attack these countries is to PRE-EMPT, HEAD OFF AND/OR STOP ATTACKS AGAINST US before another 9/11 happens.)

    EDIT: If you're "denomding" the truth, well, here it is. Thirty years ago, in 1978, the Shah of Iran was being overthrown by some wacky bearded fellow by the name of Khomeini, and Carter was doing NOTHING about U.S. hostages being held there. If things had gone my way, your uncle's book would have read "The U.S. HAS ALREADY invaded Iran, and collapsed them like a rotten football."

    As for the rest of those places, the lot who were drawing paychecks from the CIA understood how dangerous they were to the United States, but President Carter either didn't listen to them or couldn't understood a word they said BECAUSE HE HAD PEANUTS IN HIS EARS.

    There. You "Denomded" the truth and I gave it to you.

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    Saudi Arabia is safe for the time being....however they do posses the oil reserve......iran, iraq and syria has gallons and gallons of American blood on their hands....with much more in store.....for US ....this I am it makes sense to any thinking man(except if your a democrat)than a pre-emptive

    strike in our security's' interest is got to be on the table....I mean look at Libya.....Qaddafi was so scared he sold out everything for some security...He knew what was coming his He renounced terrorism,dismantled his nukes and kissed Our butt....there is a lesson to be learned there.....(except if your a democrat...then you lie face down and let the monkeys have their way with you.....aka surrender)

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    None of those countries can be regarded as friendly actually. They all harbour hatred to the west. I would not consider saudi arabia an ally of the west. The others are shameless liars & are playing stupid games all the time.

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    We are not conquerers we are liberators..Big difference..

    For now Saudi Arabia is safe..But a large majority of them is anti American..Most of the hijackers were from Saudi...

    We need to find Oil in our own country and just leave them to rot in the desert heat...

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    oil:{ evry one knows that! i mean come on

    who really thinks USA fights against terrorists? children in 1st

    iraq is beautiful country plus very rich!

    it always cracks me up how media picture iraq as a poor country...idiots

    saddam is dead, americans get out of the country that doesnt belong to you!!!

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    OIL my man, worlds hunger for oil is like love for diamonds. Blood Diamond is nothing compared to the bloody oil we all use day by day for the past 100 years.

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    The politics of the region, plus heavy involvement with OPEC, have made the Middle East a nice melting pot of violence.

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    all of those countries harbor terrorists, and ultimately want to destroy america

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    you can't handle the truth!

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