Is it time for Hillary to back down and join the Democratic Party?

PRINCETON, NJ -- Barack Obama has extended his lead over Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationally to 52% to 42%, the third consecutive Gallup Poll Daily tracking report in which he has held a statistically significant lead, and Obama's largest lead of the year so far.

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    I give Hillary credit for her fight in the campaign against Obama but for the sake of the country and the Democratic Party I believe she should back down in her campaign.

    Like I have said many times to my friends if Obama was not running I would have supported Hillary; but that is not the case. Hillary has to understand that the numbers don't equate to her side even if she continues in the race.

    I just believe that if Hillary wants the Democratic Party to win the 2008 Presidential election she should back down and join the Democratic Party for "OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT 2008".

    Many times as I hear her campaign speeches and I feel like she is running for the Republican Party. She is just giving more fuel for McCain to use against the Democratic Party.

    Hillary should think about her future career in politics for the future BECAUSE 2008 IS NOT HER YEAR.

    I just pray that if I Hillary continues she should stay with the country's forum debate and not on personal attacks.


  • I think that more candidates should have stayed in. I believe that John Edwards would have looked better as time went by.

    I enjoy how my vote in Oregon could be slightly consequential instead of completely worthless. If Hillary makes a run and Obama hits an obstacle, the super delegates could swing her way. As long as she has even a very remote chance, (which really is what it is by now,) it is her duty to continue to get the votes that she believes are there prior to the convention.

    Both democratic candidates should be attacking McCain instead of each other. Contrasting the few glaring differences in policy these two have is fine, but enough of the personal attacks. Whomever I see attacking the other the least, I may vote for.

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    Not yet... Look; 35+ States have held their Primaries by now- & Everyone's having a Rockin' Good Time -cheering for Hillary or Barack... Are YOU going to TELL the remaining States, "The Race is over, your Candidate lost, -so your Vote doesn't matter anymore... " ??! How Fair is THAT ?! This Election Season started VERY early... & it's STILL over 7 months until it's over... It's NOT gonna KILL us to wait a couple more months (like we did in ALL the Past Elections), to have the REST of the States get their Votes counted... It may not change the Outcome we think we see NOW... -But it COULD mean ALL the Difference- come November... :)

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    I think it is past time for Hillary to leave but there is no problem with her staying in the race.

    As long as she can run a campaign without trying to damage the democratic party she should stay. So far she has not been able to do that.

    She has made it sound like McCain is capable of running the country but Obama is not.

    If Obama wins and he most likely will win, It will harm the democrats.

    Those people believe what she says so who will they vote for?

    She seems to be getting support from McCain and Bush and then has done a complete turn around the past couple days and now says Obama is able to run the country.

    I think the people can see that she is flip flopping and lying.

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  • Willow
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    1 decade ago

    She's still grasping at anything that will give her an extra life, and her fingernails will soon be gone. She will have to be Dragged out of the race!

  • No, it's time for obama to join the Socialist Party.

  • 1 decade ago

    NO, but its time for you to quit posting these ignorant questions. Thanks for the 2 points Obama.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its time for Hitlery to leave the friggin' country and find somewhere she can join the HUMAN RACE first!

  • 1 decade ago

    NO!!!!! i want Hillary

  • 1 decade ago

    No.....fight to the bitter end................!!!

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