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Anonymous asked in TravelEurope (Continental)Other - Europe · 1 decade ago

Where should we go in between Venice and Amsterdam?


I am planning a trip with my friend and her sister to Europe in late May of this year and we were wondering where we should go for 3 nights in between our 3 night stay in Venice and our 2 night stay in Amsterdam. (If it matters, we will be traveling from Venice to Amsterdam)

We were thinking of Germany, possibly Munich, or Brussels, Belgium.

Oh! We were planning to go to Ireland for 3 nights after Amsterdam. Any suggestions where in Ireland? I was thinking Dublin or somewhere that we can rent a car and drive through the countryside.

This is my first time in Europe and their second. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can give. I really appreciate it!

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    Definitely make it Munich, if it has to be between the two. Brussels is a really nice city, with AWESOME beer, but Munich is so interesting and it has so much history, nightlife, good food - I had more fun there than Brussels. You should consider Frankfurt, also. It's a lot of fun, with a lot of stuff to see - their train station is so much fun, and it's only a few hours train ride from Amsterdam. And, in Frankfurt, they offer a lot of tours and stuff for really cheap if you're a student, and its worth it.

    As for Ireland, Dublin's nice, but really, to get the most out of Ireland, you should definitely go out to the country, like County Cork. They have a bunch of bus rides for the day out there, it's so beautiful. But, Dublin has some great bars and kick a** nightlife, so it all depends on what you prefer.

    Source(s): Travled through (many times) and used to live in Europe
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    If you are planning to use trains, either Switzerland, Germany or France. I would look at a train connection that leaves Venice at a time I like and see where you have to change trains, if that is a place you like the sound of visit it.

    This website is one you can use for finding which train, but spell Venice as "Venezia" as there are several places in Germany or Italy that it will select otherwise:

    Ireland only if you fly and even then I have my doubts. In 3 days you do not have time to explore the country, and while Dublin is great it is not that special to change your whole trip for. Better save Ireland for your next holiday and make it the center of your trip then.

    Source(s): I travel often in Europe and farther from home.
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    Munich and Brussels are both nice cities, but if you've never been to Europe before, Paris is the place you should go. Neither Munich or Brussels can compare with Paris, Paris is a MUST.

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    I liked Paris and Barcelona (ya, I know its out of the way, but its beautiful, ok?). Maybe you should check out travel sites, like EF College Break, just for ideas, since they have information on the places and what to do (granted its packages stuff, but their itineraries have good ideas netherless.) They are the company I use, but you can just scroll through the detailed itinerary to get ides on where to go and what to do. If you do want to use them though, the discount code hesseln1188 gets you $50 off. Another great forum, if you don't get enough ideas here, you should check out Trip Adviser. I found them really helpful. Have fun in Europe!

    Source(s): Thats what i do. I find travel sites ideal places to look for ideas on where to go.
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    1 decade ago

    i would say from venice to munich and on the way to amsterdam stop in cologne , great city !!!

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    Amsterdam -> Rotterdam -> Bruxelles -> Luxembourg -> Paris -> excursions -> Toulouse -> Andora l. a. Vella -> Barcelona -> Monaco -> Milano -> Zurich -> Verona -> Padova -> Venice -> Rome. whether, 15 days is rather little. you will no longer be able to verify something, you would be basically en path 3900 km you will need Eurail elect bypass for 5 worldwide places which expenses 394 euros for youngsters

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