What are the requirements to work on a Cruise Ship as a Waiter or Bartender for Royal Carribean ????

Do you think it would be fun?

Is it hard to get that job?

How much do they make??

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    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has exciting career opportunities with an ocean view in our land-based offices and onboard our world-class luxury ships.

    With a dynamic fleet of premium cruise ships, each offering unique and adventurous ways to explore the world, there are many outstanding job opportunities with the Royal Caribbean International team at sea. You can receive a wide range of benefits and learning opportunities while working with a worldwide enterprise that is a leader in the cruise industry. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your career and really make a difference, apply now to join our great shipboard staff.

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    you have to have a pulse. thats pritty much it dude...jk really though this is what you need you must have experience at what your applying 4 and you have to have a clean record and you have to pass a health test (no taburculitus)and you must have a good attitude(sorry emos)and also you have to present yourself and have a damn good reason to want that job (my mom told me to apply isnt good enough) its hard as hell to get the job.

    the make a crap load of cash all those rich peopleon the cruise give huge tips.(here i come golden toilet) woo hoo.

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