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I'm moving to Chicago - What part is dangerous?

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    Here's the basics.

    The north side of the city, that being east of the Kennedy Expressway all the way to the Lake is probably the safest, and best place to live in the city. All of the nice neighborhoods are there like Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Old Town, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square.

    The west side of the city is safe from the Loop directly west until about the United Center which is at Madison and Damen. From that intersection all the way west to almost Oak Park is the worst area of the city.

    The direct south side is questionable after I would say Cermack/22nd Street. There are nice safe neighborhoods like Bridgeport, Hyde Park, Canaryville, and parts of Pilesn as well, but you're also looking at some pretty unsafe areas as well.

    The far southwest side of the city is okay but pretty uneventful along Archer Avenue. The area on Archer from Halsted to Western is considered "Up and Coming" because it's so close to downtown. The neighborhoods there like McKinley Park are okay, not the best nor the worst.

    Same for the far northwest side, except it's a litte more safe but a little further away. Jefferson Park is pretty nice...lots of parking, lots of new apartments and condos, but 45 minutes from downtown on the Blue Line.

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    Your question is sorta " un clear". Chicago has high crime areas; but technically, almost every neighborhood has crime stats. If you want to move where you are least likely to be a "victim" - thats also a double edged sword. Your address may be in a safe area, but what if you get mugged on the train? (god forbid) See what i mean.

    In my personal opinion, as long as you;re not associating with "undersirables" you should be safe ANYWHERE - but maybe this will help you -

    Chicago is definitely a city of "have's" & "have nots". ( Truly what city isnt? ) I think legally real estate agents arent able to tell you the nitty gritty about the neighborhoods - but I can. I've LIVED in all parts and know 1st hand the ups & downs.

    1st- The north side ( north of downtown - depaul university - wrigley ville ) is quite crowded, pretty pricey, and full of trendy, upwardly mobile, working class folks. Aside from the residents, the boutiques, businesses, restaurants, and nightlife are plentiful. There are plenty of public transportation options and cabs frequent the area.

    2nd- The South side - (south of downtown - IIT University mccormick place - China town - Sox Park) Definitely an area that has seen improvement since i was a kid ( 20 yrs ago) It used to be mega industrial - now the bldgs have been converted to lofts, and old brownstones renovated. We have a huge convention center & hotel in this area and you may find prices SLIGHTLY cheaper than the northside. Public trans is okay - the nightlife opportunities arent as saturated here as they would be up north - but we're only talking a 30 minute ride or less to have fun!

    3rd - Far south side - hyde park - univeristy of chicago - AND BEYOND. EXTREMELY RESIDENTIAL, in that there is an over-abundance of multi-unit apartment complexes.. No shortage of 16 unit -plus bldgs here. A plentitude of public schools and bungalows and apartments, mean that lots of families live south. the detractor to the southside is that this is where the city "dumps" the "have nots". I grew up in a great neighborhood, and i was always within walking distance of the "not so great neighborhood". No boutiques, and restaurants that offer a non fried cuisine here. You can nestle within a community of working class folks that act like they have some sense, but since you co-habitate with those who act like savages ( at times ) it can be disconcerting.

    Tourists dont come to the far south side cause there isnt a whole lot to do --- the density has really inhibited true commercial growth. BUT if you are looking to save a few pennies, get the most for your buck and dont mind an expressway ride to the downtown area or northside, the southside is just fine!

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    I wouldn't walk a block or two away from Fremont Street at night and there are neighborhoods like that on both sides of town north and south of Chicago. Chicago is very safe and the crime rates have been going down each year. Crime is in every town in the country so Las Vegas is no different than Chicago so let your worries relax.

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    If you don't have street smarts or basic common sense you will have a difficult time living anywhere in the United States. There are dangerous areas all over the country. Yes, Chicago does have crime, but that's true for any city.

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    It's a big city, so any area could potentially have problems - you have to keep an eye out - but for the most part, the heavily trafficked areas downtown are safe. It's the far west and far south sides that are more dangerous - areas that most tourists are unlikely to venture into anyway.

    And to the person from Beverly - sorry, right, forgot about Beverly. So there are exceptions everywhere. I mean, the Garfield Park Conservatory on the far west side is very nice too.

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    I live on the far South Side in a very SAFE neighborhood. Not all of the north side is good and not all of the south side is good. I live in Beverely. The grass is green and there is minamal violence. Its on the edge of the city and has nice homes. I have four police officers that are neighbors. I would say that the more dangerous areas are downtown especially in the evenings and in housing projects.

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    as long as your in the north side which is the suburbs, north of greek town, but mainly anything north of the Eisenhower Expy are pretty good areas. but the dangerous place i wouldnt want to be is the south and west side of the city

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