Is a woman a woman because of her reproductive organs?

Recently I was having a discussion/debate at work with some associates...we were talking about a woman who recently had a hystorectomy. Someone made a comment saying she is no longer a woman....I was pissed(ohhh I havent been that pissed since melrose place went off the air) to think that in this day and age , we are only defined as women because we can give birth....I made the statement that I am not defined by my vagina, then I was asked what makes me a woman.... I have to be honest and say that I truly was a a loss for words for a moment.......I told them my vagina is what makes me of the female gender , but that does not define me as a woman.

Please share any thoughts and Ideas on this topic....I am even interested in hearing what men have to say as well.......

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    I personally belive it lies in the genteics and the hormones involved. A man has one long chromosome commonly referred to as "x" and one that is half its length referred to as "y." A woman simply has two "x" chromosomes. Some people have disorders where they have an extra "x" chromosome along with a "y," or other similar configurations like that. These are typically male, and at this point it is because of the organs present.

    Also, a human with a dominant hormone of estrogen is female, whereas males have testosterone.

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    Biologically it's a genetic thing, but I'm guessing you're looking for a more socio-cultural answer? In that case there are plenty of things that define womanhood and feminitiy. Look at gender stereotypes. Look at all the activities and occupations that are universally accepted as "womanly" or "manly"?

    We live in a culture obsessed with pseudo-equality that likes to think that there is no difference between men and women. That's wrong and unnatural. There is. Women have dibbs on unicorns, make-up, baking cookies and the color pink. Men get dragons, sports cars, belching contests, and contact sports. That's the way it goes. :-)

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    It saddens me that your associate would consider a woman who had a hysterectomy no longer a woman, and it is hard to argue with someone so narrow minded as to claim that a vagina is what makes a woman a woman. Is a penis what makes the man? My mom had a full hysterectomy at age 26 and she is every bit a woman. Scientifically, your chromosomes determine your sex and removing sick and infected organs does not change your genetic make up. My favorite poem is by Maya Angelou- "Phenomenal Woman" and to me it allows one to create and feel the seemingly intangible characteristics of being a woman.

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    Their is a big difference between ones sex and their gender. Your sex is biological i.e. male or female. Your gender is cultural/social i.e. man, woman, boy, girl. Take transsexuals for example. Lets say someone is born male but lives the lifestyle of a "woman." Are they a man or a women? They would be a woman with male reproductive organs. Since the two aren't really "accepted" or "commonly" put together, they get a title, like transsexual. Some cultures have as many as 11 genders!

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    this is an awful story! i cant imagine how upset you were... i would have been just as angry! taking away the ability to bear children does not take away our womanhood. we have the motherly instinct instilled within us... what if a woman was infertile? i mean that about that... she has everything... but cant have children still... she is still a woman. do we not have the smaller, hour glass frame? dont we speak with the higher voice? dont we have the poise and grace a man does not? also... we are a lot more sensitive and more nurturing than men (generally guys!). a woman is so much more than a vagina!

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    That person is ridiculous. She is still a female. Having a hysterectomy does not change that. Ask the person....with all the different experiments with science if one were to implant a uterus in a male does that make the man a woman.

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    well to be a woman physicaly and emotionaly are two diffrent things.

    the XX chromosomes make you a woman along with the reproductive oragans that make you a woman also.

    they produce the female hormones also

    so it depends i understand why she feels like that

    i might also thats a lot to be gone plus its not like loosing a leg...she is having a huge huge hormonal loss...

    even with replacements it can still take a while to adjust.

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    I was thinking of answering that the fact that women with hysterectomies were still women!

    a woman is a woman due to none her chromosomes wich define sex being a Y.

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    I'm a man. I agree with you. This is similar to how transsexuals are the sex they realize they are, regardless of the organs they were born with.

    And, if a man has an operation that affects his penis or scrotum (for example due to cancer), that does not take away his manhood.

    So, I agree with the OP (original poster); the woman is still a woman.

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    Most women think that there are no longer one after their reproductive organs are removed and call themselves it because of that.It is a misconcepticon since a lot of women who considered themselves males still have their reproductive organs and some have children.

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