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Haiti and Martinique?

Haiti and Martinique share the same culture language etc. but are the cool with each other???

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    were you chating on a site with a nickname: American by any chance?

    Hey boy,

    you should ask this question in french section of martinique or just the french section. Haiti, martinique and Guadeloupe have some similarites in their culture. The people, the language, their religion etc.. don't listen to people here who are saying no becuase i am sure that they have not being to haiti or martinique.

    First they both have the French and the African heritage

    second the two countries speak Frencha and Creole. If you speak haitian creole you might be able to understand someone from martinique when they speak their creole. The the haitian creole is elaborated into a more complex linguistic form and is now recognized by the UNESCo as a language while the creole that is spoken in martinique keep more vivid french words, influence.


    Zouk, which is pretty popular in Haiti and Martinique( all the francophone islands) was created on the base of kompa, a haitian music. If you are not familiar with the two music, you might confuse zouk and haitian konpa. This is to show you how close the culture are. real martiniquais don't speak french like Parisian do, they have their own accent and style. it's the same in haiti but if you are from the caribbean french speaking islands, you will know when someone is from France and when someone is from the caribbena. thanks t theri accent.


    like every countries that had African slaves, martinique and haiti have traditional religion. In haiti it is called voodoo but in Martinique , it has its own name.

    Food, almost al the dishes in teh caribbean have some similarities but the one between the french speaking countries are closer.

    Literature: same thing, martinique authors glorigy haiti in their writing because the country set an example for blaclk nations by becoming the first independent black nation in the world and the second in the Americas.

    Ethnicity: haitian , martiniquais are black, white, mixed, we called mix people mulatto or mestizo in the two countries. We have people from arabic origin, syrian, german, etc.. we have some racial discrimination against in our society because of our skin color and our economic status. IN the past rich people from Martinique and Haiti always wanted to look, sound, like French. It still the same in Haiti but I don't know about Martinique.

    Dance: well both countries dance zouk and konpa. There are also traditional dance, where people dance with drum and so on, the traditional dance might have different name in the countries but some of them might be the same, if not, you xan notice the african root in their dances.

    youth: same

    martinique is better off than Haiti in terms of economic and social progress.

    Are they friendly? Well I would say yes. Every summer, haitians entertainers organize festivities, where singers from martinique, guadeloupe and other caribbean artists come to perform. Haiti once invited artists from Francophone Africa. Haitian artist always go and perform in Martinique. As Haitian I love Martinique because of its culture, its people and their language. Of course we do have some stuffs that are differents, but after all we are not that different in terms of culture.

    Haiti is an independent country and Martinique is an oversea french department. Which means that if you are born in Martinique, you are French. Although it is a french department/territory, it is located in the caribbean and its culture is more caribben than european.

    Source(s): I am caribbean and my parents are from Martinique
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    It would be hard to find a sharper contrast between two Caribbean countries. Haiti is desperately poor and has lost most of its vegetation because of the slash and burn policy. Martinique is smart and lush and well organised, with a thriving tourist industry and the French government pumping huge amounts of money into its economy.

    I have found a web page which explains that a quarter of the immigrants into Martinique (part of Metropolitan France) come from Haiti and that 60% of them are unemployed. That makes yours a good question.

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    Haiti and Martinique are very different actually-110% different..not sure if they are or are not cool with each other..Haiti is much more underdeveloped than Martinique

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    Haiti and Martinique don't share the same language or culture, they share French but not the same creole ... get facts straight first !!!

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    Diffrent everything. But I don't see why they can't get along.

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