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stocking the pantry?

if you had a extra $250.00 to spend on stocking up the pantry what and where would you buy it to get the most for your money

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    I would shop at the nearest store with the best prices.

    As for what I would get. Tinned goods, spices, dry goods, paper and monthly products, cleaning products, shampoos, all the sort of stuff that keeps well.

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    $250.00 is easily spent in the store. I would at all costs avoid the "club" stores and the urge to buy in bulk. I would take my coupons and any I could locate on ebay or and use them at the local stores that double and triple coupons. I would rather have 5 one pound boxes of rice than one 5 lb. box of rice. Today, I bought, 4 boxes of oatmeal, 2 boxes cereal bars, 2 boxes pop tarts, 4 bottles soy sauce, 4 bottle Frank's hot sauce, 4 cans green beans, 4 Glade candles, and 4 boxes of cake mix for $6.09. I get my coupons from the paper and family and friends who don't use them, but they can be found at the sights listed above. Those are coupon clipping services and don't charge for the coupons--that's not legal--but give you the coupons and charge for clipping and shipping them to you. Many people shop at Sam's and Costco but I find that the huge boxes of cereal go to waste because we tire of one kind but when I coupon I can buy 2 or 3 different kinds and though there is some work involved I save a lot of money.

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    You buy the kind of things you will use. Sit down and start making a list of things you know you will use, the things you like to eat. Make a list of the meals you're likely to prepare in an average couple of weeks and then see what ingredients those things use. You buy stuff in quantities you'll use up before it spoils, and not so much that you end up with bags of flour stored in your bedroom closet. If you're not sure, buy smaller sizes until you are sure.

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    If you have an outlet grocery store, start there. If not, check out the dollar stores. They usually have dry pantry items and canned goods at lower prices than most grocery stores.

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    I 'd use our costco and stock up on the "little things" that might not otherwise make the budget next time, like spices, sauces, I'd also pack up on a big bag of rice, beans and lentils, they have good meat specials too if you eat meat...

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    ill go 99 cent and local market.

    tomato sauce, pasta, rice, can of tuna and corn, juice, frozen veggie, ice cream, wine and beer!

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