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If you leave California at 1:30pm, via a Cessna Skylane, at what time will you get to New York?

Wouldn't the time zones change?

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    It's going to be a very long flight! Yes, there is a three hour time change, but that's the least of your worries.

    Obviously, it depends on which cities you fly between, which you don't mention. Using Los Angeles and New York as an example, it's a trip of about 2,470 miles. A Cessna Skylane cruises at about 167mph, so that's a bit under 15 hours depending on the tailwinds. That means that you'll need an overnight stay somewhere. You'll also need to factor in at least two fuel stops.

    If the pilot is not instrumented rated, it could take days. You'll end up being grounded or having to make detours anytime that the weather falls below VFR minimums, which could be often on a transcontinental flight.

    Source(s): Airline timetables for the mileage and Wikipedia for the cruise speed and range of a Skylane.
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    Yes, New York is 3 hrs later than whatever the pilot says is the number of flying hrs,plus 3 hrs, will tell you your arrival time.

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