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For a panoramic x-ray is it ok to wear a lead apron only covering your front?

I had a panoramic x-ray where I was only provided with a lead shield to cover the front of my body. Is this the correct protective procedure or should i have been given a shield to cover my back also. Could this cause damage to my ovaries?

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    You don't even need a lead apron for panoramic x-rays. Pano's put off virtually no radiation to the rest of the body. A lead apron for a pano x-ray is usually mainly for pregnant women but some offices do routinely use them for pano's while some don't. Anyways, unless you are the one there day in and day out you don't need to worry b/c nothing at the dental office is enough radiation to harm you unless you were exposed daily. It is about the same as a day on the beach.

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    I have never been given anything to cover my back. I think covering the front of your body is protection enough. Or, they would be covering the backs of people.

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