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Burning question:::: What is the difference between Jail and Prison???????

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    Jail is for short term punishment, typically under 1 year. Jail is also used for people waiting for their trial. You can be in jail from 1 night to 1 year.

    Prison is for long term punishment, typically over 1 year. Prison has higher security and is reserved for more serious crimes.

    Source(s): I took an introduction to criminal justice class last year as an elective in school.
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    Survey says: The most notable difference is that prison inmates have been tried and convicted of crimes while those in jail may be awaiting trial. A prison is under the jurisdiction of either federal or state while the jail holds people accused under federal state county and/or city laws. A jail holds inmates from two days to a year.Hope this helps!

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    In America there is a difference - people I think go to jail while awaiting trial or if they get sentenced to a year or less while prison is if you get sentenced to more than that. Over here it's more or less the smae jail/prison people just call it different names. Police cells are different. I've been in the cells a good few times and in prison twice. I spent a weekend in the police cells once as if they want to bring you to court instead of release you they have to wait until Monday morning. Normally in a police cell you are on your own but if it's the weekend and there are alot of drunks you can end up with a cellmate. I always shared a cell in prison. If you want to ask me anything else, just E Mail me.

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    Jail is where you go when you are first arrested and are waiting to b bailed out. Jails are county run institutions where the prisoners have relatively short sentences.

    Prisons are run by the state or federal government and the house prisoners who have sentences of several years.

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    Ownership !

    Prisons belong to states or federal government, jails belong to the county, or city.

    Jail are sometimes used to house sentenced prisoners who have shorter terms to serve, but are considered a temporary confinement for those awaiting trial/arraignment. they are located closer to urban areas, if combined with prisons they are separated from prisoners according to the severity of the offense, time and space permitting.

    Prison are usually for convicted, sentenced offenders only. More remotely located they also tend to house more inmates than most jails.

    Variations to these criteria are found depending on the laws within any jurisdiction.

    Prison is considered to be more harsh than jail but neither is comfortable nor desirable.

    Physical layout for jails is smaller and less regimented than prison.

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    Jail is usually like a county- short term thing. Like being arrested for DWI- you had to spend 10 days in jail for 2nd DWI--- or 90 days for lack of child support.

    Prison-- Is " the big house"- much more serious offences and longer term.

    That's only my view on it though- I could be wrong.

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    Jail is short-term, often before a trial, and is situated locally. Prisons are larger, centrally located, and usually holds people convicted of a crime, often for long periods.

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    i think like prison is for major felonies and you are held there for more time..but im not sure either.... good question!

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    Their just spelled different. By the way, I think ???? is really bored. Thats the second one that I have seen from that one.

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