Can you stay home until your water breaks or can you refuse to let the break your water?

Has anyone ever refused to have their water broken, i know a lot of women are in labor for hours and the doctor will break the water.

what happens if you chose to stay home until the water breaks, i know sometimes the baby can come right away but other times it can take many more hours.

I guess i really want to avoid any sort of pitocin and epidural and i know i would feel better at home so is it wrong to try to make it at home until the water breaks?


Well how did women deliver babies b4 hospitals? i mean is the water broken solely for the purpose of speeding up the labor? I guess to be more clear- are there any dangers to not breaking the water and waiting it out

Update 2:

Does water usually break at 9-10 cm or is it random?

Update 3:

How is water broken? Does a doctor stick his hand in your uterus? or i read some hook thing is used (sounds awful)

Update 4:

So broken water is a signal to the baby to get out of there right? or no if some people get to 10cm and it still doesnt break?

Update 5:

M Kerr RN L&D= is it true what one of the posters said- there is no consent for pitocin? My husband is an Rn but clearly not in L&D and he pretty much assured me that for all situations there is consent unless i am dying in which case the assumption is i would want to be saved by any means necessary. I have extreme paranoya about getting stuff done to me without consent-i am pretty much accepting of everything as long as i know what is going on

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    OK only 10-15% actually break on their own first dont wait til your water breaks as this most likely wont happen on its can however refuse to have it broken for you once in the hosptial...but breaking the water tends to speed up labor and delivery!

    ETA ~ Ok i just re-read the entire post...dont wait for your water to break naturally...chances are like i said above it wont happen and if in fact it should happen you might be at 9-10cm dilated and not make it to the hospital!

    ETA ~ No theres no danger in waiting out the breaking of the waters so long as your in the hospital not at home in labor.

    ETA ~ No its completely random when the water breaks point is you COULD be at 9-10cm if your waiting for this to happen!

    ETA ~ They use a plastic crochet looking hook, and is completely painless! They just kinda snag it and it breaks.

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    Your water will break when it is ready. Sometimes this happens before contractions begin, sometimes it happens as the baby is born. Both are okay and neither signals that there is a problem.

    If you want to avoid pitocin and an epidural then tell your doctor or midwife and don't let them do it. It is your body and your birth.

    Sometimes providers think that breaking a woman's bag of waters will speed the labor up. And sometimes it does. But sometimes it does not. Unfortunately most doctors, once they break your water, lock you into a 24-hour ticking clock to deliver the baby. If they break your water and you don't dilate they do a C-section. Again, the choices are YOURS. There is a requirement, in fact a law, that INFORMED CONSENT must be given by the mother before any procedure can be done including breaking your water, epidural, Pitocin, episiotomy, or even an IV. Informed consent means they must tell you ALL of the RISKS of the procedure or medication. Educate yourself with a good childbirth class...if possible outside of the hospital.

    Birth blessings to you.

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    There is nothing wrong with waiting at home until the water breaks. However, you should then be prepared to birth unassisted, which I have done twice (my only vaginal births). The first time, the water broke about 15 min before the baby was born. The second time, the baby was born in an intact bag.

    Possible complications of artificially rupturing the bag are more pain, baby can't move into a better position for birthing, greater risk of infection, and greater risk of cord prolapse.

    I have heard many stories of AROM being performed without permission, so if you don't want it (or pitocin or anything they don't make you sign a consent form for), make it clear as soon as you arrive at your room, before your first vaginal exam, that you don't consent.

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    Pitocin hurts and the next time I will not let them give it to me unless they are going to give me the epidural right after they give me the pitocin! My water unfortunately broke even before I started having contractions so I waited about 6 hours and then went to the hospital still only at 2cm! Next time I hope I can stay at home until atleast 5cm. Then go to the hospital and get my epidural right away.

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    With my first born my water broke at home as soon as I started contracting. With my second born the Dr. broke it at 10 cm while I was pushing. If you are laboring for hours with little progress then breaking the water can help, but it can make labor more painful too. When the dr breaks the waters its painless, except for the fact that his hand is in your hoo-hah, but that happens all the time in labor, lol.

    My advice, stay home until your contractions are 5 min apart or your water breaks, which ever happens first. Good luck!!!

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    Not all women have their water break on its own. Sometimes you just need it to be broken for labor to keep progressing quickly. Once you feel you are truly in labor got to the hospital. Depending on how far along you are, they may choose to break your water or they may let you labor and wait for it to break on its own. Who cares!! As long as it baby comes out safe, does it really matter??

    Source(s): 28 weeks pregnant with first baby!
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    Alot of first time moms have to have their water broken, Not all, but alot.

    You can refuse any meds when there, just tell them, they won't push it on you. I highly suggest going to the hospital before your water breaks... You'd hate to be delivering your child in the car!!! And them breaking your water is not bad at all...

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    having your water broken is still natural.

    mine was broke both times

    i didnt have labor pains till after it broke but i was a 5 when it was.

    your water might not break the the baby is crowning

    so go and let the doctors do their jobs.

    if you dont want drugs then you can refuse them.

    Source(s): *mom of 2 boys*
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    my waters didn't break until i was in the hospital pushing my baby out all of a sudden it was like a little pop and an hour later my little girl arrived, everyones waters break at different times, try not to worry they wont do it if they dont have to, im sure you'll be fine

    Source(s): 23month little girl
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