What percentage of gays are married in states that allow gay marriage?

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    1 decade ago
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    The highest estimate to date of the proportion of gays and lesbians who have married in any jurisdiction where it is available is 16.7% (Massachusetts).

    The survey of marriage statistics from various countries that legally recognize same-sex unions suggests that today between 1% and 5% of gays and lesbians have entered into a same-sex marriage.

    In the Netherlands, which has had same-sex marriage as a legal option for the longest period (over four years), between 2% and 6% of gays and lesbians have entered marriages.

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    Not yet, but in August, my girlfriend and I are getting married in Canada. By then, our State Legislature should have passed a law recognizing such marriages. I guess it'll be a while before they actually allow such marriages in the state, however.

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