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Should I trade Aramis Ramirez and Johan Santana for A-rod and Aaron Harang?


C- Brian Mccann

1B- Justin Morneau

2B- Brandon Phillips

3B- Aramis Ramirez

SS- Troy Tulowitzki

OF- Carl Crawford

OF- Vernon Wells

OF- Chris Young

Util- Micheal Young

Util- NIck Swisher

BN- Michael Cuddyer

BN- Kevin Kouzmanoff

BN- Kosuke Fukudome

BN- Ryan Theriot

SP- Johan Santana

SP- Carlos Zambrano

RP- Billy Wagner

RP- Joe Borowski

P- Chien Mien Wang

P- Brian Wilson

P-James Shields

BN- Adam Wainwright

BN- Tim Hudson

BN- Kyle Kendrick

BN- Ian Kennedy


uhh kyle kendrick is not horrible

Update 2:

give me some ****** reasons why not dont say just no

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    YES. If you can get A Rod then do it A.S.A.P.

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    I believe that's a fair trade. Arod will be better than Ramirez. Santana will be better than Harang. But I think the edge goes to Arod, he's going to have a monster season, and the surest thing on the board. In other words, his advantage over Aramis edges Santana's advantage over Harang. I'd go for it.

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    1 decade ago

    A-Ram should have a good year because he'll be protected by Soriano or Fukudome behind him. Santana is playing in a "weaker" league and a large stadium, so he should be better than he nornally is. You should try to get Matt Capps (Pirates closer) to replace Kendrick or Kennedy and Matt Kemp (Dodgers RF) as a bench player to replace Theriot. I also don't think Phillips is going to have as productive of a year. Get Ian Kinsler.

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    I would take it. The other guy would be getting the better of the two pitchers, but Harang is no slouch. In A-Rod you would be getting the best player in the league. I am guessing the other guy is desperate for an ace SP, that is the only reason he would throw A-Rod out there. Take it while you can.

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  • 3 years ago

    On paper it relatively is a sturdy deal. yet.....Harang joined the not so elite "3,500 Pitch" club final season which historic past has shown finally ends up in a significant drop off in overall performance right here 365 days. i could be leery of Harang for that reason on my own.

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    Pull the trigger...ARod is a larger upgrade over ARam than Santana is over Harang. You have good pitching even if Harang isn't as good as he could be. Your daily lineup could use a little more punch too.

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    Johan is a beast at starter, so he'll rack in alot of fantasy points. Not so comfortable with Aaron Harang, even if you do get A-Rod. However, A-Rod may get hot and will make up for Johan.

    High risk, high reward... hopefully. ^_^

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes. A-Rods numbers will be much better than Ramirez's numbers across the board.

    Harang probably won't win as many games as Santana will but he won't be that far off in K's from him.

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    1 decade ago

    yes ur pitching is already good enough. arod is the best mlb player so y pas up on him. but if u dont accept no big deal. all ur doing is trading the best pitcher and a very good 3rd basemen for the best 3rd basemen and a very good pitcher

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    No, but Kyle Kendrick is horrible.

  • 1 decade ago

    Keep Santana because I think he'll do better in the NL.

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