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Who killed the choir director, Donald Young, at Obama's and Wright's church, and why?

Could the reason be this:

The choir director, Donald Young, at Wright's and Obama's church was murdered. Sinclair passed a lie detector test about his "liaison" with Obama.(Three and a half months ago) Apparently, the gay choir director was being used to gather information from Sinclair then suddenly he was murdered. For those of you ridiculing Sinclair, you should know he did in fact pass the Lie Detector Test. Those who said he didn't ( lied and are now being made to pay up, in a lawsuit, and have agreed to do so--$20,000. Also the three Obama bloggers who claimed he was a nut are now facing 3 million dollar lawsuits and are making hasty retreats from the issue. Like they will either prove their charges or pay up. Will this murder and the sudden retreat of Obama's internet defenders who have been caught lying, leave Obama and Campaign Manager David Axlerod vulnerable for further exposure on this matter?

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    Obama followers are too indoctrinated and blinded by their desire to get something for nothing to understand the importance of this question.

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    Donald Young Choir Director

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    Unfortunately it is still accepted and in some places encouraged, to kill homosexuals......Like one Texas judge said a few years ago, "It's the Christian thing to do."

    But in this case, I am sure that in time, the truth will come out. I just hope it is all cleared up one way or the other before the Convention in Denver. But we can all see how the ranting and ravings by Rev. Wright on poor young minds (especially his homophobic rantings) can definitely lead to divisiveness, not inclusion.

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    How can someone go to a supposedly Christian church or serve as a pastor and be full of such evil for his fellow man and his country. Why hasn't this been investigated? Any crime scene can be made to look like a robbery. What is really going on with Obama's Chicago gang? What are they afraid of?

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    Obama-messiah trolls--any crime scene can be arranged and tampered with. How naive can you be? How do you blow off the murder of someone who knew Obama and Sinclair? This needs to be investigated, now.

    Obama is has wallowed in corrupt Chicago politics and now he's caught in his own filth.

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    Larry Sinclair was confined to a mental hospital on the days and times that he claims to have had sex with Barack Obama in the back of a limousine.

    Larry Sinclair has now admitted in writing that he lied about haveing had sex with Obama in the back of a limousine.

    Larry Sinclair has a number of felony criminal convictions for fraud.

    Larry Sinclair has a history of filing false and frivolous lawsuits.

    Larry Sinclair is merely a small time operator who saw an opportunity to make a fast buck by inventing this story and putting out on the internet.

    Larry Sinclair apparently makes his living by making up stuff like this and then getting Newspaper Tabloids to pay him for the story.

    It doesn't make any difference whether it is true or not. The tabloids pay for a story that will sell Tabloids.

    Larry Sinclair is nothing more than a small time fabricator of stories for Newspaper Tabloids.

    This story deserves as much credibility as the Newspaper Tabloid stories about Bigfoot, people who have been abducted by space aliens and the Loch Ness monster.

    Let's try to keep the political debate on factual issues not made up stories by small time scam artists like Larry Sinclair.

    Source(s): My experience. Over 40 years of Democratic Politics.
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    You know, Lie detector tests are HIGHLY inaccurate, and it IS fairly simple to pass one if you're lying; you just have to learn how. Do a google search and you've found out how.

    There is a reason they are not used in courts; and that reason is this.

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    interesting. haven't heard about that connection yet. i'm guessing lots of interesting things will come out as we get closer to the general election.

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    This IS one of the best unanswered questions that I have even seen @ Y/A..... Although ALL are presumed innocent until proven guilty, ---This matter MUST NOT be buried by the liberal pro-Obama media & MUST be investigated NOW thoroughly & fairly.---- These are SERIOUS allegations with POSSIBLE CRIMINAL IMPLICATIONS.--- IF Obama is innocent of any complicity in this matter----Obama MUST present factual evidence of his innocence NOW...............

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    It was a robbery during the xmas holiday. All the gifts and his expensive stuff was taken.... a professional hit would hit and be gone not rob.

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