Im writin a speech about why it's important to respect others in today's society ,but i want to start off ....

with a story to introduce the speech but i dont know what type of story..Any ideas?

thnx for all your help!

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    I read one time, that if you want to catch someones attention with a speech about anything and everything, start off with a magic tale about a a rabbit something else catchy, people love those. Then just alter the story to include a few facts that you feel are relevant to your arguement and from these facts draw a moral or lesson learned.


    One day my dog came home with the neighbours dead rabbit in its mouth. It was cover in dirt and blood. I knew that my parents, would want to have my dog put down if they knew what he did as he had bitten me the weak earlier, and I had said that old Mrs.Smith's dog was the one that had bitten me.

    Mrs. Smith's dog was put down, because I kept my mouth shut as I couldn't bare the thought of loosing "Fluffy" as he was a lovely dog. Two days after I told my mother what had happened because I couldn't live with the guilt of poor Mrs. Smith being on her own with no companion because of my actions.

    She said to never tell anyone what had happened and that we would go out and buy Mrs. Smith a rabbit as a gift to say how sorry we were over what had happened and now Fluffy had gone and done this.

    So I decided to wash the dead rabbit and put him back in his hutch and act as if he had just died of natural causes. That night at dinner I heard my father say "You'ld never believe what some sick person did? they dug up Mrs. Smith's rabbit that died a few days ago where she had buried it, then they washed it and put it back in its hut as a sick joke.

    Moral of the story: Whatever you want it to be

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