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Philosophers: Do you identify yourself through thoughts, feelings and body?

Or is it through anything else? Thanks for sharing your great thoughts. Have a wonderful day!

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    In one sense, each person is their Universe. Everything they perceive or conceive is part of them, so i would identify with the whole Universe, as could anyone else. I would also say that in scientific terms, whatever that means, i am more than my brain and also more than my memories. I am more than my brain because my mental states depend on other factors, such as my hormones and the state of the nervous system in my bowels. I am more than my memories because even if they were all gone, i would still be the anxious, shy and nervous depressive person i am now, because that's down to things like the nature of my autonomic nervous system, the quantity of amine neurotransmitters my limbic system produces and so forth.

    In another sense, i am breath. Breathing is my fundamental need, and the most basic physical act i can perform which is at all under the control of my will. Since i am not deaf, language as the basis of my thoughts and therefore all that makes me human, and in particular this particular human, is based on my having learned to speak, which introduced me to words and therefore articulate ideas and culture. Therefore my soul is in a very important sense based on my breath, as is acknowledged by the Judaeo-Christian, Yogic and Stoical views of the world, among many others.

    In another sense, i am a flame of the eternal creative fire that made and sustains the world, though this is more metaphorical.

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    I think that a lot of how you think and feel depends a great deal on how you are raised. In my family there were four girls and two boys. The girls were taught to be responsible, have a good work ethic and that anything was possible. We did housework, but we also helped my Dad with the garden, carpentry work and went fishing with him. My brothers on the other hand were totally sheltered by my mother and they didn't learn anything except how to take a handout. All four girls grew up to have both a successful career and a family. One of my brothers was an alcoholic and committed suicide at age 30. My other brother has the "poor me the world owes me a living attitude." Even though he works and is only in his late thirties he doesn't think he needs to work more than 4 hours per day. I raised my son as a single mother for 10 years and even though he is masculine he has a strong feminine side and is a very compassionate person. I think that as hopefully people evolve and have more gender neutral environments things will change. All change is unfortunately very slow. We still have not achieved true racial equality and a woman may have attained a high status in her working life chances are she is still the main caregiver in the home. Don't shower me with diatribe regarding stereotypes, I do know many men who are the main caregivers, but I am talking about the majority.

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    In order to accomplish the task, you should be able to take out you pen when ever it is required. When pen is not required it should go back in your pocket.

    In the same way I do identify myself with thoughts and body too. For example, when I jog and exercises I have to identify myself with the gross body. Without this identification it's not possible to live in this World. It's like an actor who is playing different role in a movie, wherein s/he knows that it's real, but not real.

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    "I think therefore I am" - Rene Descartes. The self is primarily identified by philosophers through thought. The 'body' is made up of cells / molecules that continually change. The body's cellular structure for a certain number of years would have completely regenerated, such that, say the tongue you have now is not the tongue you have some years ago. 'You' therefore is not the 'body' because while the body change your identity remains.

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    1, No, for everyone has thoughts and since we all have the same store room /The God/ everyone has access to all the thoughts.

    2, No, we all have the same feelings. If we work on them.

    3, No, we all have the same bodies. Just evolving differently.

    I identify myself by achievements. This is where I stand apart from you.

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  • Our thoughts and feelings are reactions triggered and evoked by circumstance about us and the emotions inspired thereby.

    Firm convictions and a firm resolute mind denote great character. Spirit. Personality.

    Man lacking in belief or principles remains but a slave of his will, an unknown will driving him from one dependency to another, shackled by need, greed, ambition. Chained to desire, ignorance and fear.

    What then is man but an outlet of the demands of his will.

    Until he overcomes and gains control and mastery of his will.

    Then he truly lives according his true self interest, life enhancement and personal fulfilment.

    Be So Loved ...

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    Whether you believe this or not, we identify ourselves through daily thought, feelings and how our body translates these in our daily lives. We change everyday, with different biorhythms merging our hormones from good, bad, happy, sad; I am intelligent, I am stupid, I am perfect, I can't stand myself. This is constant, like the earth rotating on its axis, we change, grow, shrink, become who we might think we are, then gradually, as we age, become indifferent to what we have become, or for some, happy with their own self.

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    No matter what psychological book i read that promise to know myself better, until now i don't really know myself entirely... each day i'm having different thoughts, actions, and feeling... and most of the time I am shocked with the new things i am discovering about myself...

    It is only my Father who knows me well because He's the One who knitted me in my mother's womb and He's the One who wrote/planned/directed my life before He put me in here...

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    I identify myself through slow tests. I do things slowly, and see if they seem to group into some kind of asymmetry or symmetry

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    It is through our observation of the seen and the unseen that we are able to express our feelings and ideals, for these are the unseen. It is through our ability to speak them, write them and spread them , this is through our body. One cannot move without the other.

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