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Sun allergy in canines - Has anyone ever dealt with?

I think my dog has a sun allergy. She will get welts and facial swelling after being in very strong sunlight. I had thought it to be a spider bite when it first occurred but it has happened in the colder months also. She is not on any med other than her heartgard, hasn't had any changes in diet since she was taken off puppy chow. She is a female boxer, 21 months old. about 52#.


She is fawn, black muzzle and short hair.

Update 2:

What is one to use for heartworm preventative if I take her off heartgard? She is on premium food and she was from a BYB, so no previous health testing was done on her parents.

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    What colour is she? White dogs are prone to sunburn and need pet sunscreen applied to there face, nose and ears, while on walks and they need an indoor lifestyle.

    White animals especially with blue eyes are prone to deafness. even without blue eye white animal can be deaf.

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    get her off the heartguard,,, and get her off the horrible food

    see what happens

    and FIRST and FOREMOST,,,, CONTACT YOUR BREEDER- a reputable breeder will be able to help you

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