Web design?

Is there any possibility to design my own web page (just one page with few photos) i never did that before ,

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    You can find out step by step guide on how to create a website at http://oktutorial.com/webdesign.htm .

    You can even earn from adsense using your website.

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    Yes you can do it all sorts of ways, you can use the notepad formula like in the answer above, or, if you are using Apple's Mac you can use their website designer, but with Windows, you could use Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer (I have it and you need a Web Host to publish it) or FrontPage. There are lots of Web Hosts on the web if you just search on Gogle 'Web Hosts' I'm sure there will be plenty (but just about all of them you have to pay for)! I have 2 favorite Website Makers until I found out you again need a Web Host to get your domain (www.yourname.com). But the general design part of them both i think is great:

    BlueVoda Website Maker

    WYSIWYG Web Builder 4.2.

    There is also things like Piczo (www.piczo.com), they are free of charge and you don't need a Web Host but your domain name would be: www.yourname.piczo.com. Notice the '.piczo.com' instead of: www.yourname.com.

    Hope you're happy with this!

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    At Site Builder Designs building your own website just got easier.

    Step 1: go to Site Builder Designs.

    Step 2: TEST DRIVE and build your own website. It is so amazing and easy.

    Step 3: Choose category and type in TITLE.

    Step 4: Use awesome features like themes, web design, images, videos and mp3 music or you can use your own.


    Step 5: Sign up. Choose package that’s right for you.

    Step 6: Create your website. SAVE, PREVIEW at anytime. When your done PUBLISH and it’s on the internet, it’s that easy. You can EDIT anytime even after it's been PUBLISHED.

    At Site Builder Designs you get your own domain name (as long as it is available) web hosting and web builder.

    I hope you like it, have fun in building your own website.

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    Hi Aramsko,

    Check this website


    Here you can design your own personal website in minutes. No need to have any technical skills. You can create beautiful photo galleries also can upload your video clips or favorite music files etc.

    This website builder comes with integrated Domain Name Creation + Web Hosting + Web Designing + Web Maintenance, all for a single low price.

    Hope my answer helps!

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    Sure. first find yourself a Free CSS web template and download it to your PC.

    Then download a trial version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor.

    Open the CSS template (via CoffeeCup) and edit using the Graphical editor. Very easy.

    Now all you need is a server to upload and host your webpage.

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    A lot of people just use http://www.freewebs.com or http://www.piczo.com if they have little expierence of web design and want a fully customizable page but if you want to make one on your computer and then upload it I would really recommend. http://www.x10hosting.com, no advertising and lots of space, but your account will get disabled if it remains inactive for long enough.

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    Yes, its very simple. webmonkey.com can give you the basic html codes you would need, but first you have to have a host. You can pay for a domain and make your own page like yourname.com or you can get a free host like geocities.

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    Type on an editor, like notepad:



    <title>Title of your web page</title>


    <body background="yourimagefile.jpg">

    <center><h1>Your Web Page Title</h1></center>

    <p>whatever you want to type in</p>

    <p>and more.........</p>

    <p>and more.........</p>

    <p>until you finish</p>

    <center><img src="yourphoto.jpg"></center>

    <center><img src="anotherphoto.jpg"></center>

    <center><img src="stillanotherphoto.jpg"></center>



    Save this notepad as name.html

    Upload to a webpage.

  • yes look for a WYSIWYG program

    what you see is what you get

    very easy to use,

    front page is one but you have to pay for it,

    just put WYSIWYG in your search engine

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