Do you think Mr G.W Bush is treating Iraq fairly?

The intentions are plane?what do you think about the future of Iraq.we as world citizen has anything to contribute?pls let know your view...

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  • javy
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    1 decade ago
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    I am an asian. Why are some people blaming only President G W Bush re problems in Iraq? How about the US congress, and other countries who joined the coalition to invade Iraq?

    Please, let us go back to history.

    When Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran, he succeeded in dethroning the Shah of Iran and established an Islamic govt. which is now the government until now. Khomeini,s view of spreading governments strictly based on Islamic law runs counter with Saddam Husseins ambitions and a struggle for power became apparrent. A bloody Iraq - Iran war broke out in 1980 and lasted with a ceasefire in 1988. During the war many nations including USA supported both sides with weapons and intelligence to maintain the balance of power in the region. Chemical weapons were also used more by Iraq.

    In 1991 Saddam invaded Kuwait claiming it as part of Iraq. It took the coalition forces led by the USA to bring back the sovereignty of Kuwait.

    On September 11, 2001. The World Center twin tower was attacked and this disastrous event started the war on TERRORISM. Osama Bin Laden was suspected of hiding in Afghanistan so, the Taliban govt. was warned to surrender Bin Laden or face invasion. With negative result, a NATO led military operation started in October 2001 until the Taliban was overthrown.

    We already know what happened in Iraq starting when it was invaded in March 2003 by a coalition force led by USA which resulted in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein,s regime. The main reason is that Saddam is hiding or storing chemical weapons of mass destruction. Even the Kurds of Northern Iraq confrmed that many of their people died of chemical weapons. Collin Powell, then Secretary of State, made a presentation in the Security Council that Iraq can attack the USA with chemical weapons by using UAV,s (unmanned aerial vahicles). Iran also accused Iraq of using chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war resulting in the death of thousands of Iranians. Also, at that time, there are intelligence that Saddam is planning to enrich uranium. This belligerent attitude is creating instability in the region and hampering the smooth flow of oil for export to consumer countries. After the fall of Saddam, we have seen that Iraq is not actually a united people. Three major groups, the Shites, Sunnis and Kurds are also struggling for power and have their own armies. This complicates the establishment of a stable government. And now, the war in Iraq is again showing the black mask of Terrorism which is another big factor in the present instability in Iraq.

    In closing, I conclude that G W Bush should not be blamed solely in what is happening in Iraq and other trouble spots in the Middle East.

    Actually, it is not only the USA that is involved in Iraq.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i don think G.W Bush is treating Iraq fairly at ol! according to the harsh actions of mr Bush currently on iraq, i don expect iraq to have a bright future, if this kind of cruelty is carried on. mr Bush should be kind enuf to resolve the matters peacefully n not thru violence.

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  • cureau
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    3 years ago

    to the individual who requested if the iraqis could alternatively have saddam again. unluckily, the reply to that's sure. a minimum of that they had defense, electrical power and strolling water. it is humans such as you who more commonly consider any individual who isn't american is reasonably of a lesser being. by means of bombing them they're "higher of in the end." it is that slim-minded considering the neocons or loss of ANY compassion for persons rather than american citizens that has us hated international, principally within the center east. a few estimates say there are one million million civilians useless. one million million! that's boston, TWICE. and do not supply me that "they attacked us" first. who, iraq? or is any individual of center japanese descent your enemy? after nine/eleven i desired the ones liable captured or killed identical to any individual else. however this unjustified attack on a nation that neither threatened us or had any connections to our enemies does no longer deserve this. the humans there don't deserve this. whilst i see iraqi kids useless or with lacking limbs on account that of mr. bush's warfare it breaks my middle to peer that my tax bucks are assisting this. you'll name me a softy, however i might alternatively simply be referred to as a well individual. and i am ashamed to mention however will admit i voted for bush, i are not able to support however think partially liable for this carnage. it is none of our trade to inform humans how you can are living! we had a risk to rather wipe out al-qaeda after nine/eleven however as a substitute bush created an enemy we now not can classify and numerous generations of long term terrorists, typically iraqis. to reply the query, no i do not fancy the best way mr. bush dealt with iraq and that i are not able to wait until he's out of workplace.

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  • 1 decade ago

    LOL I'm sorry but Bush and the word "fair" just cant be put in the same sentence.

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