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? asked in 文學及人文學詩詞 · 1 decade ago

[急!!][20點]求animal farm summary!


- animal farm不多於100字的英文簡介[最最最簡單易懂的簡介- -]

- 此書各個人物/動物的英文名稱,以及映射對象

- 超簡短的讀後感 [約50字][可有可無]


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    animal farm is a book by george onwell ,the story is based on a animal's right and revolution.a night in the farm old major, the pig come up with the point "animal should take over as human took animal's right away" before it die and within few year.the original farm owner been kick out from the farm and all the animal in the farm start "animal rules" .at first, all animals are equal. however, between the different animal species. things start twisted up and th pig got take over .indivial start gaining power and rule the main rules of animal farm causing animal to die.



    老麦泽(Old Major)——猪,提出了动物主义的思想,影射马克思和列宁






    琼斯先生(Mr. Jones)庄园农场的旧主人,影射沙皇尼古拉二世

    皮尔京顿先生(Mr. Pilkington)福克斯伍德农场的主人,影射西方国家(如英国的丘吉尔和美国的罗斯福)

    弗雷德里克先生(Mr. Frederick)平彻菲尔德农场的主人,曾经与动物庄园达成买卖协议,后来毁约並入侵动物庄园。影射希特勒的纳粹德国

    温普先生(Mr. Whymper)动物庄园与外界的联系人,影射西方的左派人士(如萧伯纳)


    animal farm is a great book of revolution, although it is only a fiction story it teach us a lot about animal and what right they get from farm remind us how to treat animal nicely and let us to think in they tell us that just because they are animal don't mean they got no right at all and how strong ,powrful, and helpful animal toward human.we should be respect and thankful for what animal give out for us.

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