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英文高手請進來一下~拜託拜託了 翻譯




因為歐巴馬本身就有種族融合的象徵,因為它有多元族群的背景,反而能夠跨越族群的藩籬,而不是單以非洲裔的選民做為基礎,因為它的父親是非洲人,而母親則是美國白人,就是因為這樣特殊的背景,讓他在選舉的訴求上就是希望能夠消弭族群間的不平等,白人與黑人間的衝突和仇恨,他希望能跨越這道圍牆,在他的帶領下,每個人都可以,所以是「yes,we can」,他的主題就是希望每個人都可以不計較任何種族性別,一起為美國而努力

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    Oubama itself as a symbol of racial integration, because of its multi-ethnic background, but can cross ethnic barriers, and not just to the voters of African descent as a base because it is the father of Africans, and the mother is American whites, it is because this special background, let him in the election, the aspirations of ethnic groups that want to eliminate the inequalities between white and black world of conflict and hatred, he hopes to be able to cross this wall, in his guidance, everyone can, it is "yes, we can," he is the theme of hope that everyone can give no thought to any race, sex, and work together for the United States.


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    歐巴馬應該是 Obama吧, 不是Oubama 喔 ^^

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