Traveling with a 3 month old?

We are going to be leaving to see my husband's parents in April. The drive is 7.5 hours long and our baby will be 3 months old. This SCARES me to death...and I DO NOT look forward to this at all because I hate her having to be in a car seat that long. Can anyone please share some stories or experiences of how to make her more comfortable? How often should we stop and let her rest her back and for how long? I know we'll have to stop for feedings...but other than that how much? Any advice is much needed! Thanks a bunch! I'm worried sick about this trip...dread it completely!

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    is there any way you can make this a night trip?? less traffic, sleeping baby, are pros... just make sure you know where you're going because the dark can be a challenge as far as directions go.

    if you are nursing, you can just lean over baby and nurse them back to sleep any time they wake to feed. or same with bottles... Just make sure to not rush things and get lots of rest the days before if possible.

    If you end up taking an airplane I highly reccomend that you get a mei tai / baby carrier (sunshinebabyslings has the best ones - the only kind i like any more)

    They are indespensible for vacations. Especially when you are traveling, it might be more comfortable for you to have baby right there protected on your body when you are in a more unfamilar surrounding.

    My baby was 2 months the first time we traveled, that was when I began to truly appreciate the mei tai over the other carriers. It was a great week-long vacation and baby did great. :)

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    Bring your stroller and carseat combo if thats what youve got, it wont be counted towards your carry ons and will be a god send especially if the planes not full and you get the chance to have an empty seat by you. For the ears popping make sure he is nursing/drinking a bottle or sucking on a paci during take off and landing. This is one of those instances you need to cheat if he wont take any of those at that time, put a little bit of sugar or something sweet on the paci so that way he'll suck long enough til youre home free. Also, I suggest with your doctors OK giving a dose or tylenol or Ibuprofen 30 minutes before the flight to lessen any discomfort that may occur. Something familiar like a favorite blankie will help any shock from the traveling. Just keep up with any feeding routines you may have such as solids or anything of the like so theres not too much shell shock. Believe it or not, going from coast to coast isnt too rough, my son adjusted fairly quickly. Theyre still a bit more sensitive to that whole sun going down thing than we are. Most important is to stay relaxed and your little one will be too. Look on the TSAs website to see how you should pack any meds, formula is pretty easy to take but its his accessories that become a pain.

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    My longest trip I took with my son was 16 hours on a train. He was about 3 weeks old, and it was great because you can do anything on a train.

    In the car is another matter. I just took a 3.5 hour trip with my son who's now 3.5 months old. I sat in the back seat with him so he wouldn't be lonely. I found out that if I didn't have the car seat in the base but instead belted it straight into the car I could lean over the car seat and nurse my son. Worked wonderfully well, and I was able to nurse him down for naps. He slept a lot of the way.

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    When my youngest daughter was about 6 months old we took at long road trip. Going from Texas to Indiana. Normally we are the type of people to try to get to our destination as quickly as possible but you can't do that with a baby.

    We scheduled our stops around her normal feedings/schedule. So we stopped every 2 -3 hours, letting her eat, get her out of the seat to stretch, and look around, change her diaper, etc. (Except when we drove during the night - because she slept through the night at that point.)

    During the drive times, she either slept or played with a few toys in her car seat - she did amazingly well. It took us a lot longer to get there, but we knew we wanted her to be comfortable and taken care of.

    You and your baby will do fine - just make the stops you need to with her and the trip will go well.

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    i just took my 3 month old so on a 5 hour drive.. i put a silk blank under neither him and made him very snug into the seat.. had bottles ready so we didnt have to stop ( only for dipears) to make the trip go by a little fastter. he slept the entire way though!! was amazing i only dresses him in a long sleve undershit and pants.. so he didnt get too hot. a sleeper would work great too.

    good luck

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    The travel seat should be adjustable to a carrier. the baby

    at this point should be quite comfortable, just make sure the

    seat belt is secured. dint worry the baby will let you know when he or she is hungry. when you stop make a potty check

    all so for the baby. you should be alright enjoy your trip.

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    When you stop to feed her take her for a walk too. Let her get some fresh air, see something other than a backseat of a car, and stretch. Try and travel as much as you can during her normal nap times. Sit in the backseat with her to entertain her if possible. Just try to keep her with her normal rhythms as much as possible.

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    I took my daughter on a 6hr trip when she was 3mths old. I was sooo nervous but to be honest. She slept the ENTIRE way there until we got 30 mins out, so we stopped to feed her and ourselves and then finished the last 30mins of the trip. I think it will honestly be ALOT easier than you are imagining. Good luck!

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    Travelling that far with a 3 month old will be WAY easier than you think. I used to be worried about stuff like that, until I had to travel that far with a toddler! Just relax... she'll probably sleep most of the time.

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    Plan for a ten hour trip, because unless you leave at the crack of dawn so she sleeps longer, she will get tired of being in the seat and cry. And pee. You will make lots of stops. they get hungry, or bored, or want out for a bit, ect.

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