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rate and advice for my fantasy baseball team?

please give advice or comment for my fantasy baseball team

it is a twelve team league..this was on autopick..I guess I was pretty lucky..I picked up Butler, Garland and Kennedy off waiver.

C-Kenji Johjima

1B-Justin Morneau

2B-Orlando Hudson

3B-David Wright

SS-Carlos Guillen

OF-Chris Young, Hideki Matsui, Billy Butler

Utility-Ryan Braun

Bench-Johnny Damon, Michael Cuddyer, Aaron Hill

SP-Aaron Harang, Tim Lincecum

RP-Joe Nathan, Brad Lidge

P-Chien Min Wang, Jered Weaver, Rafael, Bentacourt

Bench- John Garland, Ian Kennedy


can i use braun to trade for a good RP and a descent OF?

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    Hmmm...I'd say that you came out "ok" with your autopick. Not great, but ok.

    C- He won't kill you, but he's not one of the top Cs in the league for a reason.

    1B- It's going to be a rough year in Minnesota, but he's a former MVP and should still have a solid year.

    2B- He doesn't hit for a high average and he doesn't steal a whole lot of bases...not really what you want out of a 2B.

    3B- Stud. Stud. Stud. That's all I can say.

    SS- Should still put up good offensive numbers in that Detroit lineup despite the move to 1B.

    OF- Young doesn't hit for AVG and I don't know if he'll be able to repeat his 32 HR performance of last year. Matsui is a concern on the injury front. Butler is a young up and comer who could do well, but plays on a horrible Royals team.

    UTIL- Braun is a stud who will put up great numbers and should gain OF eligibility soon.

    BENCH- Damon is past his prime. Cuddyer is a decent guy for the bench, but not going to help you a lot in any one category. Hill isn't a top SS, but he's a good backup.

    SP- Harang is going to pitch well again this year. Lincecum, while a good young pitcher, is playing on a bad Giants team. Don't expect too much from him.

    RP- Nathan is a sure thing. Though who knows how many SV opportunities he'll have on that Twins team. Lidge on the other hand, plays on a really good team but has injury AND psyche concerns. Give him a few appearances in Philly before you make any judgements.

    P- Wang amd Weaver should both get a decent number of Ws playing on good teams. Betancourt will help your ERA and WHIP. Garland should do "ok" and Kennedy is a bit of an unknown (but playing on the Yanks should help him).

    You've got a decent pitching staff so I'd focus on adding offensive players.

    You might be able to trade Hudson and Damon for Robinson Cano (or at least a second basemen with his type of production) and a bench player.

    Then I'd look to trade Matsui and Hill for a Top 10 SS (Braun will fill into your OF slot and Guillen can go to your UTIL position). Look for teams that have a need in the OF and SSs to spare.


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    Auto pick, and getting Wright and Braun is a pretty good deal.

    Anyways, this team still has some weaknesses.

    2b is glaring, and so is your closer situation. Your OF could be upgraded a bit, though it will be in 10 games, when Braun is OF eligible.

    Personally, I'd move Hill to 2b, and bench Hudson.

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    No don't trade braun he is a good power hitter to hit at least 30 HRs. You should trade Lincecum for a reliable starter like maybe John Maine. Also work on Outfield. Thats my advice to u.

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    c- not the greatest pick. he won't have a great offensifve year

    1B- great pick will do great

    2B- he won't hit for a high average

    3B- this is his prime year. he will lead the mets

    ss- it's gonna be hard to adjust to first but will still be good

    your outfielders are decent, nothing special

    good utilitiy man

    wow. great great bench man.

    aaron harang is great. good pick your relievers are awesome. jered wever is gonna do great. pretty good pitchers.

    over all i'll give it a 8/10

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  • Shawn
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    Start Adrian Gonzalez. Go Padres.

  • Anonymous
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    Its an ok team!!! pretty good pitchers!

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    don't bench damon.

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