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Favorite surfing beach?

Where is your favorite surfing beach. Describe the conditions if you have time.

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    North Shore Hawaii - Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Waimea, Sandy's, basically anywhere, we've got some great tubes and some awesome waves. =P

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    St Clair Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand.

    Best place ever, the point is right by some rocks, and the waves roll in perfectly. No matter what weather, or the conditions there is ALWAYS someone out there :)

    This place has held many NZ surfing competitions, and they share the beach with surf life savers training. Busy beach, with an esplanade overlooking it with restaurants and hotels to dine and stay at after.

    St Clair is known for its "piles" on the beach= poles that used to hold up a jetty. Look at this site for the piles:


    Other photos:


    This is a website to see the beach right at this moment !!!http://www.cityofdunedin.com/city/?page=webcams_su...

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    1. Black's south of the stairs, high swell out of the canyon, watch out for naked people, wind can stand them up when it's right out of the east, worth the hike down

    2. Windnsea, especially north; shore break that comes up out of nowhere and can drop you on the rocks just as quick, awesome when conditions are right, broke a leg there in the '86 El Nino, lost three boards that day

    3. That secret southern spot (hint: the sunken sub sets up a reef break), sweet...

    4. Sunset Cliffs, almost a non-stop reef break in some places, watch out for the rocks

    Lots of other spots in SD, a couple I'll never tell about but most of the spots like Swami's, Trestles, 'nado north and south and so on are just getting too crowded and the crowd these days seem to have forgotten that an day on the ocean with friends is a big part of surfing. It's not a competition for the world championship, share the break...

    And don't even get me started on the parking nazis, especially in Del Mar

    Source(s): First ride was at Zuma, 1960, on a hand-made wood/glass board that weighed more than twice my weight
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    Swami's in Solana Beach is the most memorable of all the places I've surfed in San Diego county. When the swell is right that place rocks and it gets big!! I've been going there since 1962. If you can get out on Camp Pendleton there are a few great spots that never have many people there at all.

    I've had plenty of great times at Beacons in Leucadia too!

    Forget that storm surf they get in Florida. I'm in Pensacola Beach right now to see a womens's event and the surf is about a foot!! All you guys from Florida need to come out to San Diego county and surf places like Tamarack in Carlsbad, La Jolla, Leucadia, Oceanside pier, San Clemente. You don't have to wait for a hurricane. You just have to have a wetsuit since our water is so much colder.

    Source(s): Old surfers unite!!
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    Um my favorite surfing beach would have to be Cocoa beach in FL there are so many surfers there and really good waves. It is right next to a lot of surfing shops like Ron Jon's and Cocoa Beach Surf Company and many others. I recommend it highly.

    I hope this helped

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    Manhattan beach C.A. clean 6-8 footers during the winter, 72 degree water temp in the summer, friendly people. Its an awesome beach. It also has a sand bottom which is awesome. summer conditions are good too but the waves close out one shore every now and then.

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    Assateague Island

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    Winter North shore or cocoa beach nice small easy waves

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    Long beach with long running wave.

    Not very big or huge break but a good long ride

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    i have to say i love prismo beach in san clemente

    and i also like of course huntington city beach is AWESOME

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