FBI/CIA job and study requirements?

I am attending college this fall and already have my 4 years planned out. My goal is to work for the FBI/CIA/NSA after college graduation.

I'm planning on majoring in History, with a minor in Political Science and a Criminal Justice concentration.

I hope to work for one of these organizations as an investigator or behavioral analyst.

Is anyone aware of specific things that any of these organizations look for? What job skills are most beneficial to these organizations? Do you think these are proper areas of study to focus on?

I have a 3.9 GPA and am part of the NSHSS.

ANY tips anyone has would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    This is stated in the web site

    What is the FBI looking for in its applicants?

    The FBI is interested in candidates possessing bachelor's or master's degrees in engineering/science, foreign languages, accounting/finance, or in criminal justice-related areas. Presently, the FBI only admits applications for candidates who possess at least one of the following skills:

    Accounting/Finance Experience (Accounting/Finance Degree/CPA/or at least 2 years relative work experience)

    Computer Science Experience or other Information Technology specialties

    Engineering Experience

    Fluent in a Foreign Language (Arabic, Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu, Chinese [all dialects], Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese)

    Law Enforcement or other Investigative Experience

    Law Experience

    Military Experience

    Physical Science Experience (such as physics, chemistry, biology, etc.)

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    Cia Job Requirements

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    I believe the CIA lists current skills they are seeking on their website. They usually require a Masters Degree.

    The FBI has traditionally leaned towards MBA or Law degrees.

    The NSA is by its very nature an electrical and/or electronic engineering field, as well as Mathmatics and Computer Science.

  • Learn another language -- not just a little, but enough to be able to work in that language. Arabic, Persian and Chinese are *highly* desired by both the FBI and CIA. Russian, French and Spanish are good choices too.

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    They will ask many questions. They will take you back to your childhood and ask about friends and neighbors. They will ask about drug and alchol use. Whatever you do, don't lie, because if you lie, then you can't be trusted. Just be honest and if you have any type of 'background' put it down and explain when you have the opportunity, which you will.

    Since you have a good GPA, ask your professors for letters of recommendation. I did and they were great ones.

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    look at the web pages for each agency....history degree is not the best one to get to work for any of these agencies. get something technical. don't do drugs in college, it won't disqualify you, but it will make it more difficult to get in...and the polygraph you take will get the truth out of you...and a lie will disqualify you.

    the cia has internship programs available. apply early. and change your degree....which is likely to happen once you get into college anyways...

    Source(s): business major....psych major....history major.....anthropology graduate. looked into working for CIA/FBI extensively.
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    Without a foreign language that is in demand, you have very little chance. Learn a foreign language quick.

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    That is incredibly impressive. My advice is to KEEP AT IT! and don't let the college life sweep you away from your goals.

  • 1 decade ago if i were you i would contact this source ASAP!

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