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Black Moor goldfish with eye infection?

My black moor has a tissue-like white spot under its eye, (NOT Ich, there's none on the rest of his body and I do water treatments all the time) and it's starting to turn his pupils cloudy. I think he's going blind! I don't know what caused this, or how to treat it. Help! Is my fish going to die eventually because of this? Will it affect my other goldfish?

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    Could be fungus or go with Jerry. I'll give you the fungal treatment, if does not work, go with Jerry's recomendation.

    Fungal Treatment:

    Be sure to give your fish the best water you can by performing frequent water changes. If your fish gets a disease they may develop secondary fungus infections. Medications such as Jungle Labs Binox Crystal will treat fungus problems.


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    i agree with jerry. Make sure you clean water alot with goldfish or get a really big tank. I have 3 1 inch goldfish in a 55 gal tank (i expect them to get a lot bigger) but it takes a long time for the water levels to change. So i would suggest getting a big tank, depending on what size yours is.

    Also you might wanna try some aquerium salt. i dont think it will cure its eye but the salt helps fish recover from illness and disease. you can pick up aquerium salt at a pet store. DONT USE HOUSE HOLD SALT, it has iodine in it and is no good for fishies

    hope your fish gets better!

    I will say a prayer for it to heal

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    It's called "cloud eye". It's usually caused by poor water quality. Check you ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. Make sure you are changing the water regularly and have the right size tank and filter for the goldfish you have.

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    Probably caused by poor water quality. You need 20 gallons for one goldfish and 10 for each additional fish with really good filtration. Salt will not help and goldfish really don't do well with salt treatments. Get your water tested and possibly try a fungus treatment.


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