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why do people compare bleach and naruto to animes like dragon ball z and yu yu hakusho?

sure they do have similar stories but theres huge differences in speed and power and it goes like this:

DBz > yu yu hakusho > bleach > naruto


what i mean is why do people compare them is power when really they would need to go trough 100000 years of training to compare there powers

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    Becaues B and N is what most pepole know. Yes, I think that's how the power goes. But that is because they were created with more power. I dont really know much right now, because my brain is not functoning well enough, but that is what I can think of.

    [Edit] LOL, because Naruto and Bleach is mostly everyones favorites, and they probably forgot about the old school anime... or something like that... But dont worry, I am not a Naruto fan who would say Naruto can beat Goku.

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    I think it's because naruto and bleach are similar to yu yu hakusho, i'm not sure about dragon ball z.

    In other words, there is always fighting in all four shows. In my opinion, if I were a stupid person, I would confuse yu yu hakusho with bleach. But I'm not, so yea. lol I hope that helps.

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    I agree with yasiru89 it's yyh>bleach>naruto

    anyway people compare these 4 b/c bleach and naruto is the dbz and yyh back in it's day. in the 1990's dbz and yyh were the two most popular animes now it's bleach and naruto. Bleach is like yyh and naruto is like dbz. Dbz gets more fame and yyh has the superior plot. That's the popularity similarity.

    They also are similar because , well they r action genre animes. Sure the power are different, that's is b/c there is no standard and who cares how powerful they r. Hell, I can create an anime where a guy blows up the whole universe; but is it realistic? The main character's personality is similar too. But they all have their unique points.

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    Whoever said Yu Yu Hakusho is all about demon fights is wrong, you only need to see the Dark Tournament saga or the Chapter Black saga for that.

    That said no one worth their salt takes DBZ seriously. I mean come on people, DBZ is just a very poorly done story, its manga and anime both. So it really cant count no matter how powerful it purports to be.

    I like Bleach better than Naruto(yeah I'm hearing the sharp intake of air), but that's because I'm a power kinda guy. Naruto doesn't have much for me...But I guess people find it interesting and it appeals even to those people that don't really like fictional settings and just want to hover along the line-i.e. they think its more realistic.

    My rating?

    Yu Yu Hakusho>Bleach>Naruto

    as for DBZ who the hell cares(nobody that matters anyway...)

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    They don't what the saying:

    "out with the old, and in with the new."

    take place. i mean these anime's are like legendary in my book. lol. I don't EVER want these series to fade away. I am gonna keep on mentioning them EVERYWHERE I GO!!!!!!!!!



    I must admit, Dragon Ball Z has VERY powerful characters. But the thing is, these characters are all measured on different charts. I mean, DBZ is considered strongest because they can blow up WHOLE planets. I think that if there was one character that can transfer into that series it would be Naruto himself. The thing is, that DBZ characters' powers are measured by how much energy [chakra. ^^] they might have. When you see them powering up, thats when most of their power is doubled. Like when goku gets all super saiyan, it looks almost exactly like naruto when he is releasing Kyuubi. I am honest when i say this, I think that some characters in naruto could actually kill some characters in DBZ! Genjutsu? if ANY character was to get caught in a genjutsu they would be completely useless because they have NEVER experienced being in a genjutsu. they wouldn't know any hand signs that can cancel it. Thats what i mean by different charts. Most of the bleach characters are weak because their powers can be directed towards only a certain type of people. [e.g. Shinigamis etc.]. And, yu yu hakusho is VERY different then most of the things. because, their powers are mostly used on demons. how are we to know that they can even hurt someone that isn't already dead? and furthermore, Naruto has a wider range then just pure fighting. they have taijutsu && genjutsu && ninjutsu. thats why i like naruto soo much. they keep it realistic. lol.


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  • Because a lot of people don't know the facts. And I might add that a lot of people watching Naruto are to enrapped in it that they tend to overlook superior anime like Yu Yu Hakusho. Yes that's right anime fans Yu Yu Hakusho is better!

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    Well, I would disagree in that YYH is the best of the series. Bleach is second. DBZ and Naruto are both incredibly overrated. But anyway, the second two get compared because the first two came first and are considered huge stepping stones and incredible shows by many, so they're seen as the fathers of future shows similar.

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    Gintama Another Jigoku Shoujo Yamato Nadeshiko Inuyasha The Law Of Ueki

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    DBZ is the greatest one ever, Yu Yu Hakusho was amazing but it got cancelled(well where i live) after the dark tournament shows, and Naruto is cool to watch sometimes, never seen bleach though

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    I agree with you 1000000%! No one comes close to the DBZ universe!!! I mean, I like Naruto and the rest, but all three, Naruto, Bleach, and Yu Yu Hakuso couldn't take on Goku! That's like a three year old fighting a gorilla.

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