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John McCain?

Do you think that John McCain has the power to become president?If he becomes president,do you think he will do a good job?

Why or Why not?

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  • GeneL
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    Yes, John McCain has my vote...and here's why...

    There is a job that needs to be done in Iraq, and that job still has a way to go before we can consider pulling our troops out or even a major troop reduction.

    To pull our troops, to "cut and run", as the two Democratic candidates propose to do, would be the coward's way out and would only mean that 4000 of our brave men and women had died in vain, died for nothing.

    Whether we were wrong or right in invading that country, we made a commitment to the people of Iraq to help them rebuild their nation and create a Democratic society, one free of the terror, torture and death that each and everyone one of them is subject to without our protection.

    Iran and Syria are trying to destroy Iraq’s democracy because they fear what a stable Iraq could mean for their own countries...and for us to leave abruptly would only allow these two countries to overrun Iraq, creating more turmoil in Iraq, and heightened threats to our own country in it's wake.

    Unlike what many left-wingers choose to believe, John McCain did NOT say we will be in Iraq for 100 years, fighting and losing lives like the first 5 years, but said we will be there with a "troop presence" similar to that of South Korea and Germany where after more than 50 years we still maintain a troop presence. Just imagine if we were to pull out of South Korea a few days Kim Jong-il would be moving his troops quickly to the south to take control of the entire Korean peninsula, and then what would almost 60 years of fighting and losing lives for that country have accomplished...nothing.

    There will come a time to pullout. That time starts after a permanent government is in place and when the Iraqi's are ready to be mostly responsible for their own security. The time is coming but we must be patient and complete the task at hand and for a President to start troop withdrawal next January, beginning on "day 1" as the Democratic candidates have promised, would not only defeat the purpose of the mission but, in the eyes of the world, would deflate and diminish the credibility of the United States and our stand against terrorism and aggression from that time forward.

    Yes, there's only ONE man for the job of

    President of the United States

    ...John McCain.

    (Thank you Cerberus and Sunnydays...msg received)

  • Ed A
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    1 decade ago

    McCain has the credibility to win the election - there is no 'power' to become the president.

    'Good' is a relative term, so instead I'll refer to:

    --He is loyal to Americans: he elected to stay @ the Hanoi Hilton with his men rather than accept early release;

    --He is honest: He stated his lack of full understanding on the economy, so rather than make claims of "I'll do this or that", he'll surround himself with people who DO know the economy. Honestly, neither Obama nor Clinton know it, either;

    --He has stayed quiet, comparatively on track when placed next to the Dems;

    --He is no '3rd Bush' president : remember the dogfights these two had over the 2004 nomination process;

    --He is inclusive: the only candidate to straddle the aisle

    He may not be just right, but he is the best of the bunch...

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    I think even if the Dem's weren't scratching each others eyes out Senator John Sidney McCain would win because the CONGRESS is so bad.

    McCain knows all those people...has worked with all of them...they "respect" him as a person and as a senator. Half of Congress hate one or the other Dem running for President.

    McCain can surround himself with people that have knowledge in every department.

    I can't stand the fighting in the Dem party and I think whoever the nominee will be...the other side will be mad...FOREVER!! So still, nothing will get done!

    GENE....I wish I could give you more thumbs up as well !!

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    John McCain:

    I believe John McCain has the power and will to become president, but questions will rise during his term cause of his views on some issues that will butt heads with conservatives like myself. John McCain simply has done it all served his country served the people of Arizona and now its his turn to lead America to defeat terrorists where ever they might be. I think if he is elected his term will be of mix emotions and he will rank somewhere in the middle of the greatest presidents.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is any person's race but that Hillary and Obama are tearing apart the Democratic side. That is helping McCain in his bid and may help him to eventually win the election.

    Although I am a registered Democrat, I think McCain would do a good job. I don't like all of his policies but I do like a fair amount of them.

    I think he is honest and speaks his mind whether others like it or not.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He will win! Democrats have shot themselves in the foot again. There is no chance for Obama and Hillary is starting out with half the country hating her. Now everybody disapprove. Oh and McCain will absolutely suck.

  • fast
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    4 years ago

    while she suggested: "My marriage ended through fact John McCain did no longer decide for to be 40, he had to be 25. you comprehend that merely does.'" it is her opinion. those individuals who've had any variety of failed dating and/or marriage comprehend there are generally 2 or greater aspects to each tale. in line with hazard we could continuously additionally get John McCain's area of issues to until eventually now we crucify him through fact the villain. yet in any different case of putting it, in the experience that your former better half grow to be putting her area of issues available, you additionally must get your area out. someplace between the two, could be a available version of the reality. My wager is after the two went with the aid of severe wellbeing themes, his being the severe torture plus broken palms and leg plus hers as listed above, they have been the two impossible to do with. whether he could have fared greater effective through fact he had the capability of his fellow POW's to assist sustain him. They understood through fact they have been additionally dealing with what he did. Now who did she have for help? She did no longer have exceedingly much 2 hundred fellow people (POW's in his case) who have been along with her on a daily basis and had severe injuries from an accident. that is precisely the version, he grow to be greater upbeat approximately his issues through fact of his help. She could have been an evil wench to handle and that ought to drag all and sundry down. merely my 8 cents well worth, adjusted up through transforming into administration expenditures and inflation..

  • 1 decade ago

    No president works alone. I believe if he surrounds himself with good people, his ability to work with people in both parties will help him to get things accomplished.

    I think he'll do just fine.

    @Gene: Wish I could give you a few more thumbs up

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    i hate mccain. obama or hillary all the way

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, I think he has the power. I do not want him to win, however, because it would be a third Bush term, in effect. He has the same foreign policy ideas as Bush and would keep us in Iraq. He has openly admitted that he knows almost nothing about the economy, and I think that's the most important issue our country faces, along with the war.

    Also, he does not support social justice issues that I believe in.

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