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So is Canada going to hell for allowing gay marriage?

I don't think Canada has lost any morality in doing such... I don't understand how you can say that allowing gay marriage will destroy society.

I mean hell, Canada's better off than us with their economy. Do I think it has anything to do with them allowing gay marriage? No. I think allowing gay marriage has made Canada neither worse nor better.

I don't see what "bad" things happen when you allow gays and lesbians to marry.

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    i dont go to church, but i do believe in God, am i going to hell? correct me if im wrong, but does it not say that women must cover their faces, and cannot wear jewelry? (i read that somewhere when i was in sunday school as a kid), does that mean any woman who wears jewelry, and doesnt cover their head in public is going to hell?

    to answer your question, no one is going to hell based on their sexuality

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    You're puzzling me, J's M. I thought you were quite certain of the rightness of your views. But you've just let in some real doubt.... .... because of course having gay people adopting children is not making 'good Catholic orphanages close', you must know full fine that there haven't been Sodom and Gomorrah type disasters recently, and no, gay people haven't been burning down churches. And I'm sure you already know all this, which makes your question one which appears far more like from someone taking the mickey out of the views with which your name is associated. Perhaps you're a clever clone of the original J's M. Yes, I think that must be the answer.

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    It's true. Nothing "bad" will happen to Canada because of gay marriage. Those against same-sex marriages are... well, they should worry about their own love lives before intruding on complete strangers. I think it's great that several countries have actually realized gay people fall in love and therefore want to get married. The U.S. is definitely behind the times. Basically we have too many psycho religious fanatics here.

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    I see Canada as accepting. I mean I know there is going to be some people who are not going to like gays in Canada, but for the government to overlook that and seek out what ensures the citizen's right is really good. We need some people like that in our government.

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  • Canada rocks. I don't see how allowing gay marriage will bring a whole society down. That is pure insanity.

    :) Such hot guys in Canada (Hi Kyle)!!!

    XD Glad you are still with us P

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    I think Canada Will be OK, people there are more open mined and I don't think that gay marriage will or can under mind any society

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    Salvation is not determined on "group" basis, but by each individual's faith. So, no, I don't think that "Canada" is going to hell. I am sure that there are many people living in Canada who will be, and many who will live eternally with the Lord.

    This is the tricky thing with trying to determine whose rule is used to decide what is moral, and what is not. If a government decides what is moral, then that rule can change as quickly as a fickle society's will. It seems to me that that morality isn't worth very much.

    If we are speaking of spiritual matters, and not those of the state, then I would say that homosexual lifestyles are inherently contrary to God's design for mankind. It erodes the family unit, which is a microcosm of the church.

    Personally, I wonder that the government has their hands in marriage at all. To me, it seems plainly that marriage is something that falls into the real of religion.

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    Yay Canada!

    There actually hasn't been much backlash here either, luckily enough. And we're not the ones in an economic recession with an idiot of a president.

    Anti-American rant over, sorry y'all.

    Oh, and hell sure sounds nice after all this snow.

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    I love being Canadian..........

    We try to love and accept everyone without judgement or threat of 'damnation'

    ps..... the seal hunting didn't get out of hand until immigrants started getting in on it too.... before that when only the inuit were doing the hunting there was no waste, every part was/is used (it would be immoral to them to not use everything)..................... have you ever looked in the waste disposal of your local butcher's shop? THEY waste.........

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    How would I know; I am not God. this is what the modern debate is all about. However, let us say the anti -gay persons are right (and I am only positing this, not advocating it). Then, over time, there is the opportunity for repetance, and avoidance of Hell (whatever it is that means).

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