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"Our Father who art in Heaven": Personally which of your children would you let into Heaven?

(Don't woof me with that "God is different" jazz. You church Christians have already admitted/professed that God created you in his image.)


Let's all give "seed" a thumbs up, okay?

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    i have asked this question, it's all about love, if god loves you more than we can love, with a perfect love, then all of us would go to heaven, if we don't all go, then we love with a greater love than god. the way i asked it was, what can you child do, to make you kill him or her. this is just a thought Christians refuse to have.

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    All of my children.

    God made us in His image. This does not mean we get to make Him in ours.

    And some things happened after God made man in His image. Like the fall.

    After that, people got to choose whether they wanted God for a Father.

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    I'd let both my cats into Heaven for sure.

    Are you speaking as if I am God of the world? Or do I only get to choose my earthly children.


    I would let all good people who tried their best to be kind to others and to be honest. etc.

  • Fortunately, God is the judge, not me.

    I would not deny my child anything. But I also do not have the kind of Love God does, I would never send her to be sacrificed -- I would go instead. But my love is human. God's is divine.

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    The amazing thing is: There will be people in heaven that many will say: "How did you get here?" Then there will be many who are not there and people will say: "how could they not make it?" Its all a matter of who is true and sincere, and who endures until the end.

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    well, if heaven were simply my home, and they were in it, I couldn't keep a one from heaven.

    I however, hate when they squabble, and I've threatened to throw one or the other out for a certain length of time until they regain their cool or appreciate "heaven" more, and the people who rule (me & hubby).

    Of course, I've never had to do that.

    My basement does look like hell though.

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    Both of them. I think entry into heaven is going to come down to something simple as the correct answer to one question... Are you willing to live here without locks on your door?

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    "For the children not yet being born, nor having done any good or evil, that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of Him who calls.--Romans 9:11

    You miight want to reconsider quoting the scriipture in your defense until you read the whole thing.

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    If I had kids, all of them

    But alas I am a lowly student of 19 who is not even close to being ready for kids

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    All who trust Jesus as their saviour and repent of their sins, trusting Jesus atoning death at calvary to save them, will be the children God let's into Heaven.

    Personally, I would want all of my children to be let into Heaven, because I love all of my children, even more than I love myself, like a good mother should.

    That said, imagine the love our Heavenly Father feels for us.;

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