what if a child under 17 is listed as recieving ssd and b/c of that wasnt put as a dependent by h/r block?

i have a 15yr old who gets ssd but recieved more then we did for the yr h/r block said not to put him as a dependent b/c he has his own income, he got a stimulous pack in his name do i do anything with it?

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    if you provided more then half his support then you can claim him. If his check wasnt all used for his support and you provided more then half then you should have claimed him. SSD does not get recorded on a parents retrun because it is not taxable. Since you did not claim him then he needs to do his taxes so he gets the rebate too. OR file a 1040X to amend your own taxes, depending on if you provided more then half or did he support himself.

    coleblon- again, you are giving wrong information. IF he files his own AND his SSD was over 3000 then he will get a check for 300 ONLY, not or 600. SSD will get the minumum amount because as its not taxable then theres no tax liability to make it any higher.IF however you should have been able to claim him then he canNOT legelly claim himself and would get nothing

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    Both of the previous respondents are wrong. The support test for a Qualifying Child is that the CHILD not provide more than half of their OWN support. The amount provided by the parents is irrelevant, they do NOT need to provide more than half of the child's support!

    While the amount of SSD received can affect how much of the support the child provides for him or herself, what that money is used for is FAR more important than the amount! If it is saved for future needs it is NOT used for the child's own support and does NOT count in the support test. Ditto for amounts spent for items that don't count as support.

    It's quite likely that Block got this wrong, they often do. You should use the support worksheet in IRS Pub 501 to determine if the child qualifies as a dependent and have the Block office amend your return if he can be claimed as a dependent. They will do that at no additional cost since the error would have been theirs.

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    in case you'd be married by technique of the right of 2011, you'd manage to record a joint go back, so both of you may upload him on your W-4. in case you heavily isn't married by technique of the right of the 12 months, you should settle on which of you is going to declare him for 2011, and that man or woman might want to upload him on your W-4 for 2011. certain, see you later as purely one in all you claims him, you may settle on between you which ones of you claims him as a depending. Assuming the toddler's born in a well being facility, they're going to likely have you ever fill out the social protection software in case you're there. If he's born some position else, you may fill out the employing with the ss administration workplace.

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    If your child "received more than we did" for the year, that certainly implies that your child is supporting himself.

    If so, and if he received more than $3000 in benefits, file a 1040A for the child, write stimulus at the top, put the box 5 amount from the form SSA-1099 on to 14A and file.

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    No, that just means he will get a check

    either for 300 or 600, but you will also

    get a check. How did you file? Married

    or single?

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    bostonianinmo is right about this.

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