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If John McCain followed a Pastor who hates black people, what would Obama supporters say about him?

Why do Obama supporters keep defending a man who followed Pastor Wright, with his racism for 20 years?

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    He would be tagged an Evil Racist Whitey!

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    Let the riots begin , is what would happen ! Check out the Bias` in this direct Obama quote concerning the Don Imus fiasco ? Obama said ; "" The comments of Don Imus were divisive , hurtful , and offensive to American`s of all backgrounds` "" !! Now as rude as the Don Imus statement was , it pales` in comparison to what Obama`s pastor said about America and "white people" in general ! So my quiz is , if Obama thought the Don Imus statement was so disgraceful , hurtful & offensive , why won`t he issue the same anti - Don Imus statement to his anti - America , anti - white people preaching Rev Wright ? Even though Wright`s comments are far more hate-filled , hurtful , divisive , and offensive to "all true American`s" than Don Imus statement was !

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    They would investigate his church.They would plant people with hidden camera's to capture the Pastors words.They would also look into his funding.What kind of house does he live in is it a Mansion is a his car a Hummer,etc.

    In other words they would be pit bulls on crack(with aids that the government created).

    They wouldn't sweep it under the rug like they did with Wright.

    Even the Enquirer is tearing up Obama,that's really bad news.

    Now the sharks taste blood.How much can they taste?

    We'll see what happens when the nom goes to Hillary.Even with her baggage she has a better shot.

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    1 decade ago

    Look at the facts, he was raised by a white mother and grand parents in places like Hawaii and Kansas. Yet, he had to turn to a blatenly racist pastor, for 20 years, to ease his racial pain.

    He claims to not remember all the hate spewed and talks about what an embarrasment his grandmother is and uses phrases like "typical white person".

    Do you think he is trying to really Unite or is he really trying to Devide?

    Is his words of "Change" just hollow noises and he is really just a hate-monger?

    Obama is a socialist, liar and racist.

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    He would not survive, and just think we have let this happen to us bending over backwards trying to make the black race feel good about how hard we were trying in America, and I thought we had covered a lot of ground since I have so many black friends,or should I say had, once they found out I could not vote for Obama because of his stand about same sex marriages and partial abortions, they have dropped me and now call me a racist. So now, that I am seeing them in this light, I will never lift a finger to help a one of them again. and I may, just decide to be a racist,if being a racists works for them, why should it not work for me. just how I feel.

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    I thought this was old news and everyone had already forgotten about Obama's racist ties just like they've already forgotten about the 3,000.00 innocent Americans who died on 9/11?

    Short term memory loss appeals to those who refuse to face the facts because the facts don't present to them what their distorted minds refuse to accept.

    There are those who will choose to believe the lie and dispute the truth as long as the lie makes them feel good about not doing anything or it allows them to feel good about themselves because there's something wrong with them and they don't want to admit it.

    If McCain had made the same blunders that Obamas made he wouldn't have made it as far as he has because it would have ended his career in Politics.

    There are those of us who applies the principles of wrong from right in a fair and orderly manner and in an unbiased way.

    Then there are those whose concepts of wrong from right only applies to themselves and no one else.

    What is right for you may seem wrong to them because they may believe it doesn't benefit them to believe it's right.

    For example, robbing a liquor store and murdering someone in cold blood may seem like the wrong thing to you for someone to do and you would want that person to pay for what they've done.

    But to someone else it may seem like it's OK for someone to do that as long as it's not happening to them and doesn't have any direct affect on their own person.

    They may even say that they don't agree with it until they realize it's someone they know and like who robbed the liquor store then all of a sudden the rules change and they will excuse what that person did to make themselves feel better about protecting their friend.

    Racism is believed by people like you or I and many others like ourselves to be wrong no matter whose doing it or who they're doing it to.

    Then there are those who believe it's wrong only if its happening to them or to someone whose like them such as a member of their own race or religious background.

    I believe racism is wrong no matter whose doing it and I believe it only applies in principal if it's hatred directed towards someone because of the differences they present in direct contrast to the person who hates them.

    For example say I meet someone whose Asian and I'm white and I automatically hate that person because their Asian.

    That is racism and that is what Reverend Wright was teaching his congregation.

    To hate America and to hate white people qualifies as discrimination in my book.

    But to those who have distorted views on reality it isn't racist just a form of free speech because the hatred isn't directed towards them.

    But given enough time it will.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They would demand he step down from his position in the Senate.

  • fdm215
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    1 decade ago

    Well, McCain sought out an endorsement from the fiery anti-Catholic Hagee. I'm sure a lot of people will take umbrage to that relationship. Presumably, Obama supporters are already urging people not to support John McCain.

  • 1 decade ago

    I assume you have never known a racist? SOmeone who broke the law? Actions speak louder than words. Anyhow you should know that greed is the great sin. I guess you have never been greedy not spoke ill of anyone...

  • hmm
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    1 decade ago

    I know this, it wouldn't be pretty. "bull horns and picket signs"

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