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My goldfish is starting to get black spots on it?

Im getting really worried becuase its sleeping patterns and swimming patterns are changing. they are pretty big spots btw. and the fish is is BIG goldfish it isn't like the regualar small one's i think this one averages like a 4 inches in length.

thanks btw

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PS i don't have a vet for my goldfish and don't know how much they cost. i don't really wanna pay a lot. i know its just a goldfish but it means alot to me.

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    if you are keeping him in a bowl or something he can get ammonia burns. change his water every day and go to your local pets store Also put him in a lizard carrier a for a few weeks with the medicine in it. this should help.

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    black spots are a sign ofpregnancy. keep a look out for some babies. if its a girl then she will be a mom. most likely black spots are baby eyes or gravid spot.

    Source(s): Fish keeper my whole life
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    Could be ammonia burns. What are you housing it in?


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    It could have a diesease.

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