will anyone sign my petition for universal health care in the united states @ www.cj9000.com?

hello and thank you for your support .i beleve that health care should be for everyone the rich man down the street and the homeless man on the corner .please sign my petition for universal health care in the united states . TO: the undereducated people who think the universal health care is socalisum you are a moron . socalisum run's this county .your schools ,postal service ,libray gas prices,,just to name a few ,but i dont want to be a Communist i think they say we are the best country but we rank # 37 on health care ? hm... i went to the emergncy room and it cost me $300.oo what the hell only took the doctor one minute but had to wait for 1 hour .in the united states. ask your self :

a Canadian won't come to the united states before buying temp health insurance .hmm.... universal health care is cheaper than insurance . please think about it thanks charlie the big insurance company's are *** raping your wallet and controlling what treatment you get.

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    Absolutely NOT. I"m one of those cancer patients that needs a specialist. Last year I had an HMO which is the government model for health care. I was denied my specialist and many needed treatments that were not deemed "medically necessary." Even under a "universal plan" the government owns jurisdiction as to what is medically necessary and what isn't and not every treatment is covered. There is no cost savings. It comes straight out of tax payer dollars and as the cost of medicine increases, so will those taxes. It amazes me the shortsightedness of universal healthcare supporters. They see no problem with disassembling industries, capping medical salaries, and demonizing hospitals and clinics., stating that anyone who makes a profit off of someones medical issue is "selfish." The truly selfish are those that want to unemploy Insurance workers, Dr's and hospital administrators because they don't want to buy a catastrophic plan or pay 50 bux for medicine.

    A socialized plan will disassemble companies such as United Healthcare and Blue Cross which account for 14% of Americas working. That doesn't include the Dr's, Social Workers, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, and administrators put out on the street when the tax dollars can't afford them. What happens to their livelihood? Since less than 10% of Americans are uninsured, I guess these supporters believe the good of the few outweighs the good of the many.

    A socialized plan will make illegal any hospital, drug company or clinic that profits from healthcare.

    A socialized plan is one size fits all. It does not take into account anyones individual issues. It would basically be the same as prescribing aspirin for the headache AND the broken arm.

    A socialized plan would make every Dr. a government employee. What motivation would there be to pursue medicine as a career?

    A socialized plan eliminates any competition. If you don't like the government plan, TOUGH. There is nowhere else to go.

    A socialized plan eliminates money for medical research. We can only pay the Dr's what the taxpayers can afford. Why do you think that more medical research and clinical trials are done here in the US as opposed to elsewhere? Why do you think foreigners come here to be treated? How many stories have YOU heard of an American going elsewhere for treatment?

    Socialized medicine gives the government license to dictate your life. Since they are paying the bill, they get to dictate the terms of use. If they own your health, they own your freedom to eat a Big Mac or a twinkie. In England, the smokers, the drinkers, the very old and the sick are being discounted from using a system they have been paying for their whole lives. The Constitution guarantees the Federal Government will not interfere in life or liberty. Socialized medicine is the path to less freedom.

    Please don't confuse Health insurance with Health care. Anyone can walk into a clinic and be treated. The issue is who pays for it. THe government take over of insurance will not fix Insurance problems. The issue will simply transfer hands. Nothing will be resolved.

    I agree that our Privatized system can use some tweaking but don't get me started on the government regulations that have sent the cost of insurance skyrocketing. America is full of smart entrepeneurs who I'm sure can come up with a solution to fix Privatized health insurance so that everyone can afford it. Maybe Americans have a problem of priorities, not counting those that want to buy but can't, how many have no issue paying hundreds of dollars monthly for a cell phone, an HDTV payment, a Lexus, or Cable TV but don't want to pay 50 bux for an antibiotic or a wellness visit?

    The library, police, firehouse etc is not socialism. Socialism is when the government takes over the production of someone elses idea. IE Bill Gates creates Microsoft but the government does not allow him to own his own idea. The government owns the production and development. It stifles creativity.

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    I haven't seen a Dr. in 10 years for lack of insurance, despite the extreme need. I have a 5 year old daughter and if anyone needs a Dr. it will be her before me any day no matter the situation. That said, I think that SOMETHING has to give, whether it be the gov. the liberals, the conservatives, the industry. I don't care who. It IS needed in my opinion because it is just simply out of reach for many americans no matter what. Those that have expendable money that say they earned it and it is up to them to decide how to spend it, sure it is. it's also up to me to decide how to spend the money I make with the 3 jobs I work but food and other necessities come first. health care comes dead last. I guess (Bev B thinks) that makes me lazy and poor and undeserving of comfort and peace of mind. Universal Health Care will never be perfect by any sense of the word but I believe it will shine gobs brighter than the private sector plans. I would even go for a reform to make the private companies more accessible. it doesnt matter HOW we do it, just that the end results are the same, allow EVERYONE to be insured, not just the well off.

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    Hmm, you want people to sign a petition for universial health care,

    But you don't say what it would cost.

    How it would be funded.

    Who would control it.

    Or any other information about your proposal.

    So just how could anyone support a petition, with no facts to basis thier decision on ?

    And why are you blaming the insurance companies for the hospital charging you $300 for a min ?

    Shouldn't you be blaming the hospital and doctors for charging so much ?

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    Why should the homeless man get a free ride? Keep your hand off of my wallet. Health care is not a right protected by the constitution. If you want it get an amendment to the constitution or get a law passed in the state/county/town you live in.

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    That's the thing; if everyone were to have free healthcare, where would they get the money for it? It would be from our taxes, which they in turn would have to raise a great amount higher, and isn't it a person's choice whether they want to use that tax money towards health insurance or not?

  • What are you going to do when you get really sick and need a specialist. Most of the people in countries with socialized medicine come to the U.S. to get treated by specialists. If you have a cold socialized medicine is great. If you have a disease, Cancer, etc. you are screwed under socialized medicine. Befor you attack with anger and hatred educate yourself jackass. Do a little more research than watching Michael Moore movies.

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    No I won't.

    And it's a poorly written rant too!

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