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what are some good guitars under 500 dollars?

I've been playing for 3 years and my guitar has just been stolen. So I am not a beginner. I really would appreciate your help.

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    get the epiphone les paul studio its $399 but its a great guitar

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    There are lots and lots of good guitars in that price range. Now, you don't specify electric or acoustic--so let's consider both. I won't tell you what brand I like; instead I'll tell you how to shop.

    Buying a guitar is a personal thing. The reason there are so many brands and models is that there are so many different guitarists with different tastes and styles. So you need to know how to find the right guitar for you.

    Go to a really good music store that has lots of different brands and try out all of the ones in your price range--and also some that are a little above your price range. Take along a knowledgeable friend if you have one, for third-party perspective.

    Get a sense of how each guitar feels. If your left hand loves being wrapped around the neck, if your right arm drapes comfortable over the body--if your left fingers can reach all strings easily and your right hand naturally comes down on the strings near the center of the body, where you want to hit them--then you have a finalist. Keep trying until you have several feel-good finalists.

    With electric guitars, the tone you get will depend on amp-speaker, effects, and pickups. You can replace pickups and the others are separate, so once you know several makes and models of electric that feel right, you should start shopping for price. Look back at that music store and at others in town, they eventually have a sale. Consider used instruments, especially if they come with a warranty or if it's so cheap you will have enough cash to take it in to the music store and have a professional adjust it. Shop online.

    For acoustics, get the friend or a sales clerk to play each feel-good guitar (same tunes on each) while you turn your back--the ones that sound best then are the ones you want. Now, acoustics are not absolutely consistent--two guitars of exactly the same model will sound different due to variability in wood grain, manufacturing tolerances, and other factors. So the one that sounds good is the very one you want--the display model--don't accept "new in box from the storeroom" because it may not sound as good.

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    I would go used. There's tons of Jackson/Charvel/Ibanez guitars on ebay that are in that range and that are awesome quality.

    I got a 99 Rg550 for 350.00 bucks. New, these things cost 900.00, and that's if you can find one.

    If you have to have new, go with Ibanez. Depends on what style you play, though.

    These guitars nowadays that cost 500.00 were well over 1000.00 15 years ago when I first started playing.

    Unless you want a rediculously overpriced Les paul, most guitars are a great value. or are the best IMO.

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    Well here are some under $500

    1. Ibanez RX model

    2. Epiphone Les Paul or SG

    3. Fender Strat

    4. Schecter

    5. ESP

    6. Dean

    7. Jackson

    8. Hamer

    Good luck

    Source(s): Guitarist of 10 years. I own a 2006 Hamer Scarab guitar
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    what do you consider a cool design, OLP made a Musicman Stingray copy for around $400 actually a subsidiary of Ernie Ball/Musicman, kind of like Gibson/Epiphone, Fender/Squire, but I heard there biting the dust so you better get one while you still can, or you'll have to buy a real Stingray and you wont touch one of those for anywhere close to $500

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    Good luck finding one. You'll probably have to go with a used one. Try That's a wonderful site for good things at cheap prices.

    Source(s): Friendly guy
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