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IM SOOOOOOOOO scard about haveing this baby?

i dont want to abort it cuz baby are cute and all but im scard of the pain! i know it will hurt what should i do


im 24 years old

Update 2:

my display? lol its a goth thing u woundt get it

Update 3:

death can be a beautiful thing its a name of a metal song lol

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    How old are you??

    You've got two pretty bad reasons for considering abortion...aborting a baby because of pain is really bad...but having a baby because they are also a really bad idea...i think you need to think about this baby alittle more's not a doll that you can put in the toy box when you get bored...

    Source(s): ps. i'd think at 24 years old you'd be a little bit mature, but it certianly doesn't sound that way. I personally don't believe in abortion, so my suggestion would be to you that you should have the baby and then find a good family for it. Many resposnible parents out there are trying to convieve a child and cannot. I personally don't think you sound mature enough to provide this baby with the life it deserves...
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    Hey, I understand! I had my first baby 4 months ago, and I was petrified! I got tired of everyone saying "are you nervous about being a mom?" My answer was always "no, I'm nervous about the delivery!" It's like everyone (but me) forgot about all the pain I had to go through. But when the time came, yes it hurt, but I got an epidural and it helped some. I felt guilty because the nurses kept saying "just think about the baby you will have" and all I could think about was the pain. But believe me when I say that you will be fine, and PLEASE do not abort this child! You will look into it's eyes, and won't believe that you ever even thought such a horrible thing!

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    There are alot of things in life that will be painful....... things that you do not have 9mnths to prepare for...... and alot of things that in the end do not give you the wonderful amazing blessing of being a mother. You know at 24 i think you can handle having a child, the pain isn't that bad........ there are things they do to make you more comfortable, Epidurals are great......... make you numb from waste down. Do not ever consider abortion because your scared of pain........ thats a very dumb reason, its ok to be scared......... everyone is scared, noone likes pain. But they get over it...... Think about it thousands of women have babies everyday and alot of them are having thier 2nd, 3rd or more child, if its that bad why do people come back for more??? I would do it over and over again!!! the joy of being a mother could not be overshadowed by some pain trust me. And i have to say that labor and the emer. c section i had was not as bad as some people say. Remember everyone is different and that some people are mellow dramatic and negative.....

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    Death isn't beautiful when you're sucking a baby out of your body with surgical equipment.


    ~~~Cuteness isn't a reason to give birth.~~~

    ~~~~~Pain isn't a reason to abort.~~~~~

    You have to decide by thinking of things like:

    Can I be a good parent?

    Can I provide food, shelter and love?

    Is the living situation I'm in safe and a good place to bring a baby?

    Are the people around me willing to help?

    Can you live with knowing you killed a baby? For the rest of your life?

    Is the fear of the pain bigger than your love?

    Is the pain worth the baby?

    You need to make an informed choice. Please talk to someone.


    I agree that death can be beautiful.

    Just not when it's being scraped out of your uterus with a vacuum suction.

    I don't care if it's song lyrics. It's your personal values. My logic stands.

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    Im sure everybody gets abit scared when they find out that they're gonna have a baby, im 20 with a 9 week old & i was scared not of the labour tho that didnt cross my mind till closer 2 the time. Believe me it does hurt but i didnt have drugs, anyway, its all worth it in the end. I honestly could not live without my son!! hes hard work but he is my WORLD, & im sure when you have this baby u'l feel the same way.

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    hi its very understanding that you are worried every first time mum is. is it gonna hurt,will everything be ok,will baby be healthy,how will i cope etc/its very normal,never ever consider abortion for the reason is it gonna hurt!what you should consider is are you ready for this comitment,can you support a child,is the child going to be brought up loved and cared for,is your living environment suitable for a child.i will be honest YES childbirth does hurt but thats the easy bit once that baby is born the pain has gone ,its the looking after the child that is the hard bit,so please think long and hard weigh up the pros and cons,im sure you will make the right decision whatever it is .good luck x

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    well look at it this way then, if you get an abortion you may regret it for the rest of your life, if you keep the baby its a few hours of pain and will be over when the baby is born, we all worry about the pain but there is hlp with the pain when it comes to it{gas and air etc}, the descion is yours but make sure you dont regret it in the long run

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    I'm glad you explained your name. I totally did not understand it. Having a baby hurts, but only for a short while and is controllable by medicine. I would have the baby and decide if you are ready to raise a child or give the child up for adoption. I believe all life is precious and should be respected.

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    you are a friggen idiot.........oh by the birth doesn't hurt that bad......i gave birth to my 8 lb 4 oz daughter with no drugs and barely made any noise.....its not so bad.......cant wait to have another go....its really quite amazing!! anyway...i hope you choose to keep the baby(maybe for a reason a little more mature then"cuz there cute" abortion is wrong) but i really do think at age 24 you need to grow up a bit before you bring another life into the innocent life who deserves the best.

    Source(s): good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    the pain is a part of it grandmother told me this b4 i delivered "it will be the worse pain u will ever feel, but the easiest to forget."there are many medications that will help.the epidural was amazing, it worked so fast.when u r in labor, try candles, soothing music, prayer, and just try to relax.prepare urself ahead of time, the more u think its gonna hurt, the worse it will be.u will be afraid, but when the time comes, ur instincts will kick in and u will be fine.about the goth thing, i get it ;)

    good luck

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