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Pros/cons of using liquid liner?

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    pros: it gives a much 'real' color, it lasts longer, doesnt smudge, is usually water proof. and it gives a great look to your eyes.

    cons: if your not good with your hands, speciifcally your wrists, which is what you must use, not your hand, (its motion, i mean) then you can end up with a messy line. nd since it is usually waterproof, it is hard to remove nd may call for additional make up remover.

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    Here is my Opinion:

    Pros- Makes eyes stand out, long staying power, defines eyes, gives you the "sexy" look.

    Cons- Sometimes I get impatient putting liquid eye liner on because I can't get the line to be fully straight, I have to close my eyes and wait until the liner dries before I can open my eyes again, If I mess up I have to rub everything off and start all over again.

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    I haven't tried PPP but i have tried LEL, and i love it! Its a great eyeliner and doesn't smudge at all throughout the day. The only thing that i don't like about it is that it runs out fairly quickly. But i would definitely advise for you to try it out. Good Luck!

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    it stays put really good, but I dont like how its so vivid looking, i like the soft look. I usually just put liquid liner in the corner of my eye, let it dry, and i coat my whole lid with black sparkly eyeshadow so it looks soft and fuzzy.

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    Most liquid eyeliners stay on for a while, but they are tricky to apply and tend to burn the eye.* (lol thats rhymes)

    *Most of the times, when I'm using my liquid eyeliner, and if it gets in my eye, woahh.. that stuff burns. And with multiple brands too.

  • + If you know how to use it, the result is amazing

    + Has a more "darker" effect.

    + Easy to remove

    - Verry hard to put on, aspecialy on your upper eyelid.

    - Takes a minute to dry.

    - Sometimes you start crying if your not use to it, then its a


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    I like it. I only wear it when I am going to really thicken my lashes and very easy to apply and stays on the whole day

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    PROS: fine, sleek, classic beautiful look

    CON: It just takes a little practice, but once you've mastered it, it'll be perfect!

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    Cons: NONE (don't listen to these ataxic morons)

    Pros: Looks perfect all-day. What more do you expect from an eyeliner?

    I recommend Lancome. :)

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    Cons= it sucks if you don't know how to use it.

    Pros= usually long lasting. smooth looking. (well at least the maybelline one with the felt tip does).

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