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Jane Eyre 的問題


1)Grace Poole , Mrs Fairfax 和 Mr Rochester 有咩關係??


3)最好睇果part 係咩??

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    Jane Eyre is a story which recounts the first 19 years of the character of Jane Eyre, in the first-person voice. In the story, Jane is a young girl, orphaned as a baby. Jane goes to live with her cruel Aunt Reed, who does not treat Jane so very well, and her son often beats and verbally abuses her. Jane grows up for many years very unhappy...

    Jane spends the last few years at Lowood as a teacher. Miss Temple finally marries, and Jane places an advertisement for a position as a governess in the local newspaper. Soon she is contacted by a Mrs. Fairfax, about the position of governess in Millcote, -shire, for a young single girl. Jane gets leave from Lowood and journeys to Millcote to take the position. There she begins as governess for Adle Varens, a young French girl, and ward of the master of Thornfield Hall, Mr. Rochester. Thornfield Hall is where Jane lives, now. Jane begins to spend much time with Rochester; they grow a great friendship and affection for each other. Jane begins to realize she is falling in love with Mr. Rochester...

    Jane goes home for her aunt's death for several weeks. She returns to Thornfield Hall, to find Mr. Rochester greatly missing her. During her time at the house, she has noticed the presence of a madwoman in the attic, presumably, Grace Poole. In the middle of the night, this woman tries to light Rochester's bed on fire. Jane wakes, smells the smoke, and saves him. This happens before she leaves for her aunt's funeral. When Jane returns, Rochester finally tells her of his love for her. They become engaged...

    The novel ends with Jane telling us that she has been married to Rochester for ten years; she is happier than she could ever be, because they love each other so much, they are each other's better half and never tire of each other. They are perfectly suited for each other, and Jane is happy spending her life loving and helping Rochester, being his 'prop'.

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    重點已 highlight了, 全文簡介請看連結.

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    你可說喜歡 Rochester 向她示愛的那一段, 或者結局說他們有 happy ending.

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